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Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)
Donate To Repair/Renovation of Primary School in South India

Repair/Renovation of Primary School in South India
Description:Description of Community Service Project titled to Repair/Renovation of Government Primary School in a rural Village namely Iron-Reddiyapatti in Vaiyampatty Developmental Block in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu State in South India. This School is having children from poor families in a village namely Iron-Reddiyapatti and its surrounding 6 other villages. This School has classes from 1st class/standard to 5th class/standard. As requested by the Headmaster and Teachers of this School, Isaac the applicant and President and few members of the local Vaiyampatti Rotary Club and Board members from Collaborating NGO Partner all visited the condition of the School and saw the flooring broken and damaged in many places, some of the tiles on the roof broken and were leaking during the heavy rainy seasons. As children have to sit on the floor facing lot of discomfort and inconveniences while listening to the subject teachers and hard for them to take notes sitting in a squatting position.Therefore, there is a need to do the new flooring to the existing class rooms in this school, removing the damaged cement flooring and replace this with the fixing of floor Tiles. And purchasing and furnishing the class room with some furniture chair/table or benches and Desks. The School also needs a safety wall around as it is located in a open space surrounded by fields and trees, stray dogs and animals (goats and cows) all go inside and dirty the place.
History of Involvement:The School namely: Panchayat Primary School in Village Iron-Reddiyapatti in Vaiyampatti Block in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu State in South India is existing since the past 60+ long years. Most of the local children of the poor/marginal farmers have this school to educate their children. There are no other schools in this location if the children wish they will have to travel a long distance. The Transport facilities is not available on regular basis. One or two local Private Mini-Buses run 2 or 3 times only during the day. And this Project location is filled with totally illiterate Farming communities who still follow the primitive methods of cultivation. Due to the drought or less rainfalls, most of the people swift their work from Farming to other daily wage labour works -construction, brick keln and also working big farm owners land etc.
Location:Iron - Reddiyapatti, Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu -South India
Total Budget:$3000 USD
Amount Needed:$3000 USD
Amount Needed From Rotary eClub One:$3000 USD
Amount Raised By Rotary eClub One:$0 USD
Timeframe:3 Months from the date of receiving the funds/grant from eClubOne.
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Vaiyampatti and 4 other local Rotary Clubs in Dist.3000, Collaborating NGO Partner namely Deva Kirubai Social Help Association.
Member Sponsor:---