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Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)
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Roberta Porter Karobungi kitchen
Description:This project is an expansion of the Rotary eClub One food share program which was one of our 20th birthday celebration projects. At that time 20,000 meals were served across India, Botswana and Kenya and in all 3 countries birthday celebrations were held to mark the charter of the world’s first Rotary eClub. i.e. Rotary eClub One.
In Kenya where the food was served, at the border of Kariobangi and Korochoco slum area in Nairobi, the conditions are extremely bad, and an urgent upgrade is required to the cooking area.A thorough needs assessment has been completed and it has been identified by the program leaders and the boys participating in the program, that a safer and cleaner space which will encompass a fully operational kitchen is required. In addition, a dining area which will be multipurpose for sports, and a storage area for clothing and personal items is much needed. A space for 4 of the older more responsible boys to sleep is desirable to provide a level of security and protection against vandalism. This project will ensure that the space will be fitted with a urinal, two squat toilets and a shower / laundry room. To aid with sustainability for the food program a vertical garden will be constructed which will be a source of veggies and there will be rabbit and chicken coop.
History of Involvement:This project is in one of the worst slum areas in Nairobi and the food program space conditions are extremely poor with cooking done over an open fire which has long term health effects for everyone involved. The water source comes from a tap with no sink and so buckets on the ground are used for water collection. The space has no storage or seating. Currently lunch is provided 3 times per week and an opportunity is given to the boys to talk about their life circumstances and to consider alternatives to street life and crime. Since the beginning of the food program there is a significant reduction in the boy’s use of substances and the chief has reported a drop in crime which has resulted in a safer environment for those living and working in this area.
Location:The border of Karobungi and Korochoco, slum area in Nairobi.
Total Budget:$28,000 USD
Amount Needed:$10,309 USD
Amount Needed From Rotary eClub One:$3500 USD
Amount Raised By Rotary eClub One:$973 Other clubs donate $ USD
Timeframe:Completed by early 2024
Rotary and NGO Partners:Consultation is in progress with Australian Rotary Clubs and advice will be given towards the end of the Rotary Year on the level of (if any) financial support being provided. Update Brisbane club has now contributed US$13,600
The project will be managed by Victoria Porter (Jifunze International) she is also the President of the Rotary eClub Of Outback Australia. She has established partnerships with the Rotary Nomads in Australia and a number of individual donors.

Rotary eClub One $3118 grant awarded
Rotary eClub One $973 from fundraising
Brisbane Rotary Clubs $13,600
Member Sponsor:Roberta Porter