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President’s message - November 2023

Where has October gone? Do you feel like I do? It happened so fast I feel that I missed it. Yet, when I look back over the last 4 weeks Rotary eClub One has excelled once again.

At the start of the month, Rotarian Mir contacted me with a request for our club to partner in a Malaysian Rotary Clubs initiative to provide all disadvantaged children throughout Malaysia with a new school bag. Rotary eClub One members very quickly said yes and I am delighted that in a very short period of time we were able to raise $1,000 for this very meaningful and special project. Thank you, Mir.

Mid-October our Foundation Chair Ben started a fundraiser for Polio Plus, again we called upon our members to step up to the challenge in the long running fight to eradicate Polio in the world. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Just last week, our Service Project Chair James approached us following the devastating category 5 Hurricane which hit Mexico. Rotary eClub One has a special connection with this part of the world where we have carried out several projects and developed good Rotary Partnerships over the past few years. This time he received an official request from the District Governor of Southern Mexico seeking our financial support for recovery and immediate assistance in the area. I am happy to report that once again the board responded positively. We will finalise the details this week and those much-needed funds will be on their way very soon.

While all of this has been happening, our members have continued to connect across the world. We have now held 4 Fireside chats; each one has seen an increase in attendance. Thank you, Rachel, Mir, Herman and Peter who have ensured that each meeting has been interesting and engaging.

Our regional meetings have continued to inspire and on 28th Oct, Rotarian Harshad from the Asia Pacific region arranged a special guest speaker from India. Past District Governor Devendra Shastri was accompanied by his wife Nilima and we were so fortunate to hear his story of 3 generations of PDG’s in his family. The changes in Rotary throughout these years were discussed including the challenges faced by PDG Devendra’s grandfather who was not expecting nor prepared to take on the role. Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed this meeting. Thank you once again Harshad.

Thank you, Rotarians Shelly Murphy and Nora Turner who have agreed to lead the restart of the USA and Canada regional meetings. Watch this space for more information on how this group is connecting.

Thank you everyone who has donated, connected, and created hope in the world around you this month.


Roberta Porter

President 23/24

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