District 5450
Rotary's first eClub
Chartered January 4th, 2002

Where your donation goes

Any money donated to Rotary eClub One goes directly to fund community service activities across the world. Our actual projects:


A.        Livelihood Support for Widows – Tamil, Nadu, India

·     Description: Assist 5 widows and their children in 5 villages to become economically empowered.

·     Location: India, Tamil Nadu Province

·     Total Budget: 2'500 USD

·     Amount from eClub One: 2’500 USD

·     Time frame: First half 2021

·     Rotary and NGO Partners:  Rotary Club of Vaiyampatti, District 3000; NGO Deva Kirubai Social Help Association (DKSHA), for supervision and volunteer implementation

·     Member Sponsor: Rtn. Isaac Arulappan, sponsor of Club’s 2019-2020 District Grant


B.    Special Education Library and Activity Rooms – Nepal:

·     Description: Building activity rooms, a library and toilets to enhance learning and developing communication of children with physical and intellectual disabilities.

·     Location: Nepal, Kathmandu

·     Amount needed: 20'000 USD (multiple RC project)

·     Amount from eClub One: 1’500 USD

·     Time frame: 2021

·     Rotary Partners:  Rotary e-Club of Nepal (supervisory); Rotary Clubs of Lakewood WA and Bellevue WA; RC Nainamo British Columbia, Canada

·     Member Sponsor:  James McCutcheon (also former member of co-sponsor RC Bellevue WA)


C.     Roof Renovation Food Kitchen and Homeless Shelter – Col. Icacos, ACA, Mexico

·     Description: Renovation and repair of the roof covering the homeless shelter and food kitchen of the Padre Angel Shelter of San Francisco de Asis Icacos MX. 

·     History of Involvement:  E-Club One finished out the homeless shelter and provides annual support to the food kitchen, via Rtn. James McCutcheon

·     Location: Col. Icacos, Acapulco, Mexico

·     Amount needed: 13'750 USD (multiple RC project)

·     Amount from eClub One: 3’500 USD

·     From Club Members: 2’500 USD from Rtn. James McCutcheon

·     Time frame: Early Spring 2021

·     Rotary Partners: Rotary Club of Acapulco Icacos Mexico (supervisory); Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs ($5,000 in club and DDF contributions)

·     Member Sponsor: James McCutcheon (also honorary member of both Rotary Club Acapulco Icacos and RC North Colorado Springs)


D.    Flood and Disaster Food Relief -- Umueze-Anam, Southeastern Nigeria

·     Description:  District grant project providing yam, cassava, potato, and vegetable seedlings to indigent farmers whose farms and means of livelihood was destroyed by an unprecedented flooding over the course of four to six weeks beginning late September 2020.  (This is Buchi’s ancestral village.)  The seedlings will enable the most indigent residents to begin process of recovery. 

·     Budget: 6’000 USD

·     Time frame:  Immediate 2021

·     Amount from eClub One:  $2,000, with proposed DDF of $2,000 from District 5450.  Remaining $1000 will be partly donated and partly raised by the eClub One members.

·     Rotary Partner:  Rotary Club Awka-Smithtown Nigeria (supervisory and volunteers)

·     Member Sponsor:  PP Buchi Anikpezie.  Co-Sponsored by Members, Rtns. Sheriff Oladimeji, Phillip Ojo, and Patricia Mourillon.


E.     Club Global Grant -- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Covid Relief Project for Kwara State, Nigeria

·     Description: Provide boreholes and sanitary and hygiene facilities in 8 poor communities in Nigeria that will enable them to obtain clean, disease-free water for their drinking, cooking, cleaning, and general hygiene.

·     Location: Nigeria, Kwara State

·     Amount needed: 37’900 USD (Global Grant Project)

·     Amount from eClub One: 5’000 USD or more

·     Time frame: 2021 onward upon approval by Rotary International

·     Rotary Partner: Rotary Club of Ilorin Nigeria (supervisory)

·     Member Sponsor:  PP Buchi Anikpezie

·     IMPORTANT NOTE – Buchi and our club are seeking support from Clubs throughout District 5450 toward this global grant.  Buchi has recently announced additional financial commitments from the Nigeria Rotary District.


F.     RYLA Sponsorship, District 3000, India

·     Description: Annual financial and volunteer support for RYLA conference, District 3000, India

·     Location: Tamil Province and Other Village Regions, District 300, India

·     Budget: $1,000 (multiple RC project)

·     Amount from eClub One: 1’100 USD, with $900 contributions by PP Eyo Effiong, James McCutcheon, Uday Shah and Peter Zwicky.

·     Time frame: Early 2021

·     Member Sponsor:  Rtn. Isaac Arulappan.  Co-sponsored by PP Eyo Effiong.


G.    Education and Computer/STEM Project for Blind Students – Nepal

·     Description: Computer and STEM project providing equipment and computer technology to help children with visual impairment access a quality education: Braille education, computer skills, daily living-and mobility-skills.

·     Location: Nepal, Kavre District

·     Amount needed: 3'500 USD (multiple RC project)

·     Amount from eClub One: 1’500 USD

·     Time frame: 2021 – Deferred for indefinite period due to school closure and Covid lockdown in Nepal.  Initial funding redirected to library and activity center for Nepalese special education students.

·     Rotary and Other Partners: RC of Panauti, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal (supervisory) and REAL Dream Home Nepal (NGO); with financial support raised from Rotary Clubs of Lakewood and Bellevue WA; Rotary Club of Nainamo Daybreakers, British Columbia, Canada

·     Member Sponsor:  James McCutcheon, also former member of co-sponsor RC Bellevue WA


H.    Restaurant Micro-Business for Maasai Women – Kenya

·     Description: Improve the quality of life for women in local Maasai communities through vocational training to seek gainful employment and or to start their own businesses to support their families and conserve their culture. This food-service business is in conjunction with a Maasai cultural museum and includes extensive vocational training and promotion of entrepreneurship. 

·     Location: Kenya, Maasai Region

·     Budget: The museum and restaurant initiative is part of an overall museum Global Grant of 100'000 USD, which has been sponsored in large part by Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs.

·     Amount from eClub One: $500 USD and considerable in-kind donation and shipment of kitchen equipment and machinery by Rtn. Dashan Shah and $500 USD.

·     From Club Members: Donation of highly valuable kitchen equipment and machinery by Rtn. Dashan Shah

·     Time frame: 2021 onwards

·     Rotary Partner: Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs

·     Member Sponsors:  Dashan Shah (principal donor) and James McCutcheon, also honorary member of RC North Colorado Springs.