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Service Projects - Rotary eClub One Clubhouse
Membership in eClub requires that each member perform Rotary Service. This can be done either for official Service Projects of the Club or for other types of Community Service. Members are required to submit their Service hours if possible each month.

Below is a list of our actual Service Projects actively supported with time and energy by members of the Club.

Last Updated: 9/18/2021

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Isaac Arulappan
Description:Kodaikanal is a hill town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s set in an area of granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills. At 2,000 meters above sea level, the town centers around man-made, star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake, bordered by evergreen forest. Population of this Community is 76893. Objectives of this Project: 1. To conduct Rotary’s Youth Leadership Awards to help Interactors and other School Students. 2. To Support young youth learn skills/knowledge to grow with high self-esteem;personality development and leadership skills. 3. To help the RYLARIANS and Local Rotarians and other general Public know the Rotary Day and its importance by celebrating Rotary Day.
History of Involvement:History of this Project goes back to the Rotary Year 2014 - 2015 when Rotary eClubOne initiated this YSG -Youth Service Grant Project by the then YSG Committee Chair Amy, Australia. This Project was included along with the other Service Projects supported by Rotary eClubOne and with the Dist.5450's matching grant. From this start to till this Rotary Year, the applicant and eClubOne Member Isaac has been organizing one of the YSG projects namely Tamil RYLA and WRD-World Rotary Day Celebration at Kodaikanal Community in Tamil Nadu, South India with the local Host Club Kodaikanal in Dist.3000. And this Project during Rtn.PP.Eyo's converted this project as our eClubOne's Annual club Project adding WRD as one of the objectives to follow. Therefore, fixing the WRD date 23rd February, this project has been implemented well every year. And this is the 7th year we are planning to organize this event.
Location:Kodaikanal Community in Tamil Nadu State, South India
Total Budget:1100 $ US
Amount Needed:1100 $.US.
Amount From Rotary eClub One:700$.US
Amount From Rotary eClub One Members:400 $.US
Timeframe:Before February 2022
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Kodaikanal in Dist.3000 and Deva Kirubai Social Help Association Collaborating Partner NGO.
Member Sponsor:Rotarians James, Eyo and Uday in eClub One from whom the Applicant will request to be the sponsors

Isaac Arulappan
Description:Description of Community Service Project titled to Repair/Renovation of Government Primary School in a rural Village namely Iron-Reddiyapatti in Vaiyampatty Developmental Block in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu State in South India. This School is having children from poor families in a village namely Iron-Reddiyapatti and its surrounding 6 other villages. This School has classes from 1st class/standard to 5th class/standard. As requested by the Headmaster and Teachers of this School, Isaac the applicant and President and few members of the local Vaiyampatti Rotary Club and Board members from Collaborating NGO Partner all visited the condition of the School and saw the flooring broken and damaged in many places, some of the tiles on the roof broken and were leaking during the heavy rainy seasons. As children have to sit on the floor facing lot of discomfort and inconveniences while listening to the subject teachers and hard for them to take notes sitting in a squatting position.Therefore, there is a need to do the new flooring to the existing class rooms in this school, removing the damaged cement flooring and replace this with the fixing of floor Tiles. And purchasing and furnishing the class room with some furniture chair/table or benches and Desks. The School also needs a safety wall around as it is located in a open space surrounded by fields and trees, stray dogs and animals (goats and cows) all go inside and dirty the place.
History of Involvement:The School namely: Panchayat Primary School in Village Iron-Reddiyapatti in Vaiyampatti Block in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu State in South India is existing since the past 60+ long years. Most of the local children of the poor/marginal farmers have this school to educate their children. There are no other schools in this location if the children wish they will have to travel a long distance. The Transport facilities is not available on regular basis. One or two local Private Mini-Buses run 2 or 3 times only during the day. And this Project location is filled with totally illiterate Farming communities who still follow the primitive methods of cultivation. Due to the drought or less rainfalls, most of the people swift their work from Farming to other daily wage labour works -construction, brick keln and also working big farm owners land etc.
Location:Iron - Reddiyapatti, Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu -South India
Total Budget:3000 $.US
Amount Needed:3000 $.US
Amount From Rotary eClub One:3000 $ US
Amount From Rotary eClub One Members:---
Timeframe:3 Months from the date of receiving the funds/grant from eClubOne.
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Vaiyampatti and 4 other local Rotary Clubs in Dist.3000, Collaborating NGO Partner namely Deva Kirubai Social Help Association.
Member Sponsor:---

Patricia Mourillon - Haiti Service Project
Description:Haiti Disaster Relief
History of Involvement:At 08:29:09 EDT on 14 August 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Tiburon Peninsula in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. It had a 10-kilometre-deep (6.2 mi) hypocenter near Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi) west of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Tsunami warnings were briefly issued for the Haitian coast. At least 2,248 people were confirmed killed as of 7 September 2021 and above 12,000 injured. At least 136,800 buildings were damaged or destroyed. The deadliest earthquake and deadliest natural disaster of 2021, it is the worst disaster to strike Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. UNICEF estimates more than half a million children were affected. The Haitian Civil Protection General Directorate (DGPC) warned of a possible large humanitarian crisis resulting from the earthquake.We work with Rotarians and Rotaractors on the ground in Haiti. Contact names PDG Philip Leger . Strategy to help. the rotary club of Les Cayes has 28 members. Their strategy would be different from the way they reacted in previous disasters, where they delivered kits to several communities without medium or long follow ups. The operating mode is as follows; they are in contact with the community leaders of eight (8) zones. The leaders connects with the families. the families will list their needs. Families will receive a voucher for a certain value from the Club. The families will get their products and goods based on their priorities. An evaluation will be made as part of the followup process is repeated as long as its required and once there is funding available.
Location:Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Haiti occupies the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic borders Haiti on the eastern side of the island. Haiti's closest neighbors include Jamaica to the west and Cuba to the northwest. Capital: Port-au-Prince Languages spoken: French language
Total Budget:USD2,000.00
Amount Needed:USD2,000.00
Amount From Rotary eClub One:USD2,000.00

A. Livelihood Support for Widows – Tamil, Nadu, India
Description:Assist 5 widows and their children in 5 villages to become economically empowered.
Location:India, Tamil Nadu Province
Total Budget:2'500 USD
Amount From Rotary eClub One:2’500 USD
Timeframe:First half 2021
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Vaiyampatti, District 3000; NGO Deva Kirubai Social Help Association (DKSHA), for supervision and volunteer implementation
Member Sponsor:Rtn. Isaac Arulappan, sponsor of Club’s 2019-2020 District Grant

B. Special Education Library and Activity Rooms – Nepal
Description:Building activity rooms, a library and toilets to enhance learning and developing communication of children with physical and intellectual disabilities.
Location:Nepal, Kathmandu
Amount Needed:20'000 USD (multiple RC project)
Amount From Rotary eClub One:1’500 USD
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary e-Club of Nepal (supervisory); Rotary Clubs of Lakewood WA and Bellevue WA; RC Nainamo British Columbia, Canada
Member Sponsor:James McCutcheon (also former member of co-sponsor RC Bellevue WA)

C. Roof Renovation Food Kitchen and Homeless Shelter – Col. Icacos, ACA, Mexico
Description:Renovation and repair of the roof covering the homeless shelter and food kitchen of the Padre Angel Shelter of San Francisco de Asis Icacos MX.
History of Involvement:E-Club One finished out the homeless shelter and provides annual support to the food kitchen, via Rtn. James McCutcheon
Location:Col. Icacos, Acapulco, Mexico
Amount Needed:13'750 USD (multiple RC project)
Amount From Rotary eClub One:3’500 USD
Amount From Rotary eClub One Members:2’500 USD from Rtn. James McCutcheon
Timeframe:Early Spring 2021
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Acapulco Icacos Mexico (supervisory); Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs ($5,000 in club and DDF contributions)
Member Sponsor:James McCutcheon (also honorary member of both Rotary Club Acapulco Icacos and RC North Colorado Springs)

D. Flood and Disaster Food Relief -- Umueze-Anam, Southeastern Nigeria
Description:District grant project providing yam, cassava, potato, and vegetable seedlings to indigent farmers whose farms and means of livelihood was destroyed by an unprecedented flooding over the course of four to six weeks beginning late September 2020. (This is Buchi’s ancestral village.) The seedlings will enable the most indigent residents to begin process of recovery.
Total Budget:6’000 USD
Amount From Rotary eClub One:$2,000, with proposed DDF of $2,000 from District 5450. Remaining $1000 will be partly donated and partly raised by the eClub One members.
Timeframe:Immediate 2021
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club Awka-Smithtown Nigeria (supervisory and volunteers)
Member Sponsor:PP Buchi Anikpezie. Co-Sponsored by Members, Rtns. Sheriff Oladimeji, Phillip Ojo, and Patricia Mourillon.

E. Club Global Grant -- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Covid Relief Project for Kwara State, Nigeria
Description:Provide boreholes and sanitary and hygiene facilities in 8 poor communities in Nigeria that will enable them to obtain clean, disease-free water for their drinking, cooking, cleaning, and general hygiene.
Location:Nigeria, Kwara State
Amount Needed:37’900 USD (Global Grant Project)
Amount From Rotary eClub One:5’000 USD or more
Timeframe:2021 onward upon approval by Rotary International
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of Ilorin Nigeria (supervisory)
Member Sponsor:PP Buchi Anikpezie

F. RYLA Sponsorship, District 3000, India
Description:Annual financial and volunteer support for RYLA conference, District 3000, India
Location:Tamil Province and Other Village Regions, District 300, India
Total Budget:$1,000 (multiple RC project)
Amount From Rotary eClub One:1’100 USD, with $900 contributions by PP Eyo Effiong, James McCutcheon, Uday Shah and Peter Zwicky.
Timeframe:Early 2021
Member Sponsor:Rtn. Isaac Arulappan. Co-sponsored by PP Eyo Effiong.

G. Education and Computer/STEM Project for Blind Students – Nepal
Description:Computer and STEM project providing equipment and computer technology to help children with visual impairment access a quality education: Braille education, computer skills, daily living-and mobility-skills.
Location:Nepal, Kavre District
Amount Needed:3'500 USD (multiple RC project)
Amount From Rotary eClub One:1’500 USD
Timeframe:2021 – Deferred for indefinite period due to school closure and Covid lockdown in Nepal. Initial funding redirected to library and activity center for Nepalese special education students.
Rotary and NGO Partners:RC of Panauti, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal (supervisory) and REAL Dream Home Nepal (NGO); with financial support raised from Rotary Clubs of Lakewood and Bellevue WA; Rotary Club of Nainamo Daybreakers, British Columbia, Canada
Member Sponsor:James McCutcheon, also former member of co-sponsor RC Bellevue WA

H. Restaurant Micro-Business for Maasai Women – Kenya
Description:Improve the quality of life for women in local Maasai communities through vocational training to seek gainful employment and or to start their own businesses to support their families and conserve their culture. This food-service business is in conjunction with a Maasai cultural museum and includes extensive vocational training and promotion of entrepreneurship.
Location:Kenya, Maasai Region
Total Budget:The museum and restaurant initiative is part of an overall museum Global Grant of 100'000 USD, which has been sponsored in large part by Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs.
Amount From Rotary eClub One:$500 USD and considerable in-kind donation and shipment of kitchen equipment and machinery by Rtn. Dashan Shah and $500 USD.
Amount From Rotary eClub One Members:Donation of highly valuable kitchen equipment and machinery by Rtn. Dashan Shah
Timeframe:2021 onwards
Rotary and NGO Partners:Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs
Member Sponsor:Dashan Shah (principal donor) and James McCutcheon, also honorary member of RC North Colorado Springs.