Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)
Rotarians from any Rotary Club in the world are welcome to make-up for missed meetings at their own club by completing a make-up meeting with Rotary eClub One.  Rotary eClub One extends its thanks to all Rotarians who complete their make-up meetings with our Club.  Please read below for steps to complete a make-up meeting.

How to Complete a Make-Up Meeting

  1. Visit the Programs and Make-Up Programs page.
  2. Spend at least 30 minutes thoughtfully reviewing content you find on that page, mindfully applying the Four-Way Test as you select content, review it, and spend time on our Rotary eClub One website. 
  3. Once you have spent 30 minutes reviewing content, request a Make-Up Confirmation.
  4. In the spirit of Rotary, please consider making a donation to Rotary eClub One that would be equal to the price of your weekly Rotary meeting.  Please note:  As Rotary eClub One is an internet-based Rotary Club, we cannot draw upon a local community for support of our service projects.  As such, the Make-up Program is our Club’s primary means to fund service projects around the globe.

Make-Up Meetings – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens after I request a Make-Up Confirmation?

  • Once you have requested a Make-Up Confirmation, a member of our Club will review your participation and confirm your meeting attendance with your local Rotary Club’s Secretary promptly.

What will the money generated fund?

  • Because Rotary eClub One is an internet-based club, the funds generated are used to support Rotary eClub One’s service projects, which occur around the globe.  To learn more about service projects currently ongoing and/or recently undertaken by Rotary eClub One, please visit the Our Service Projects page.

How is content for make-up meetings selected?

  • Content for make-up meetings is primarily created and/or curated by Rotary eClub One members; however, the Club is happy to consider content created and/or curated by other Rotarians.  If you are interested in submitting content for consideration, please ensure it meets the following guidelines:  

Content Submission – Guidelines

  1. The content is non-commercial and will inform and/or inspire a diverse audience.
  2. The content is 2,500 words or fewer and written in US English, UK English, or International English.
  3. There are no copyright restrictions on the content, and sources are cited when appropriate.
  4. Photos are not embedded in the document but instead included as separate .jpg files.  (If photos should be embedded in specific locations, please include detailed placement requests.)
  5. There are no requests for donations for any projects in which Rotary eClub One is not directly involved.

Provided your content meets the guidelines, you are welcome email it to for consideration.

Can I request multiple Make-Up Confirmations in the same visit?

  • At this time, no.  If you want to make up for multiple meetings, please come back to our site later in the day or in the days following to complete additional make-ups.

What should I do if I have questions beyond what is included in this FAQ?