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Welcome to the new year 2020 and a brand new decade!

A few days ago I was watching the Tournament of Roses Parade, where the Rotary float won, the Volunteer Trophy for the float "Hope Connects the World"

The Rotary symbol is that symbol of hope around the world to millions of people. They know when they see that symbol, hope is on the way whether it be, raising money for charities, safe play grounds, clean water, shelter, toilets', eradicate disease,  medicine ,medical supplies, education, health, training, , farming, transportation and whatever the community needs for a better life.

The 1.2 members of Rotary deliver this message of hope around the world on a daily bases. The question to you is What will you be doing in the this decade? What message of hope do you want to bring?

How can you help, you can join Rotary in delivering their message of Hope. Join us at and deliver Hope to the world.

Happy New Year.

Jane E. Anthony, ARM, CPIW

President 2019-2020

Rotary eClub One

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