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Books for the Children of Ite Peru

Program Chair note: Each member of Rotary eClub One may apply annually for a Community Service Grant. Funds are infused into a project in which the member is involved. This report is submitted by a member from Oklahoma who personally delivered books to children in Peru.


by Tracy Adams, Rotary eClub One Member

In December 2011 the Rotary Club Miculla and I distributed 100 books to the children of Ite Per�. The books were purchased with the help of a Rotary eClubOne Community Grant.

Each child was given a copy of "Fonchito y la Luna" written by Mario Vargas Llosa. This book was chosen because it is a wonderful tale of how a boy overcame what seemed to be the impossiblefor a kiss on the cheek of the little dark haired girl. It was also chosen because it was written by a Peruvian author who had recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Most of the children in this community come from very poor agricultural worker families. Many of their parents are illiterate. It is our hope that each child would appreciate having his or her own book and follow Foncito's example to think creatively to overcome adversity.

It is our hope that the children might feel pride in the fact that someone from their country has obtain such a high honor through literature. We hope that this will instill in them a love for books.

We had enough books left over to donate 15 of them to an elementary school in Calana and one to the Tacna Public Library.

At each school we took time to read the book to the children. We also told them a little about the author. We spoke about all the wonderful ways that reading can change their lives.

Thank you Rotary eClubOne for the Community Grant for books. I wish there was a way I could share the hugs, smiles and love we felt when giving the children their gift of books.




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