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2013 - 2014 Rotary eClubOne International Projects

The Board of Directors of Rotary eClub One recently approved projects for the 2013-2014 year. Each project is championed by an eClub One member and involves collaboration with other Rotary Clubs.

1.   Water & Sanitation Project in South-Eastern Nigeria

This project, proposed by ‘Buchi Akpeh, will benefit the Umueze-Anam community in South-Eastern Nigeria. Until fall of 2012, the community had depended on the water from Rivers Anambra & Ezu, which border the community. Though these water sources had not been safe for drinking or cooking, they were further polluted during the flooding of southern Nigerian communities in fall of 2012. The project includes: drilling of a borehole; provision of a solar panel to power pumping of water from the borehole; provision of water storage tanks and erecting of platform for the tanks and reticulation to provide multiple outlets for taking water from the borehole. Rotary eClub One will commit $2,500 to this project. The project will also receive a possible matching grant of $2,500 from the District (D-5450/D-9140), a grant of $1,700 from the local RC Awka GRA and $5,500 from the Umueze-Anam Town Union. 

2.   Pacific Desk and Book Aid in Vanuatu

This project, proposed by Past President Chris Joscelyne, will benefit the Vanuatu community. Vanuatu has the lowest literacy rate in the Asia-Pacific region with only 37% of population being able to read and write.  The Vanuatu schools are under-resourced with lack of desks, chairs, books and writing materials. Rotary will fill some of this gap by dealing direct with needy schools. The Vanuatu government has approved this project.  They will organize the construction of 1,000 robust school desks in Vanuatu, supervised by Rotarians, the provision of age-specific books written in English and French and the acquisition of writing materials for reading comprehension classes. This project will also receive support from the Rotary Club of Kerikeri (New Zealand) and the Rotary Club of Sydney CBD (Australia).  Rotary eClub One will commit $5,000 to this project.

3.   Water tanks for the Kathyoli Primary School, Kenya

This project, proposed by Jane Fletcher, will benefit pupils at the Kathyoli primary school in Kenya. There is inadequate water supply at this school, resulting in poor sanitation and hygiene. Currently, the school has one water tank and this project will provide two additional water tanks (10,000 liter each).  An inadequate water supply also means that sanitation and hygiene levels are poor.  These tanks will allow the school to harvest and store rainwater. “Build Africa” will provide training to the school community to ensure the tanks are used properly and safely, and that the guttering and water harvesting system is properly installed. Jane plans to visit Kenya and the village in 2014 to assist with the project implementation and evaluate the results.   The local Rotary Club of Machakos will be actively involved in this project. Rotary eClub One will contribute $3,600 covering the entire cost of the project.

4.   Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP)

This project, proposed by Joni Ellis of RC Summit County, will serve the indigenous peoples in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where you find one of the lowest literacy rates in the Western Hemisphere.  The GLP Global Grant consists of 3 parts: providing literacy training and reading books in 25 elementary schools; implementing 7 literacy-strengthening textbook projects and establishing 1 computer center.  Rotary eClub One will commit $2,000 to this project. The project will also receive support from the Summit County RC (Colorado). About 30 Rotarians from North America and the Caribbean will go on a 10 day project trip to Guatemala in January/February 2014. If you interested, please visit or contact Joni Ellis (RC Summit County, CO) 970 389-3255 for additional details.

5.   Malingua Pamba Water, Sanitation and Health Project

This project, proposed by Pam Gilbert, will serve the indigenous Kichwa living in the watershed area of Malingua Pamba-Quinta Tunguiche (MP-QT) living in the Andes of Ecuador (9,500’ – 12,000’). Rotary and Engineers Without Borders (EWB) – Denver Chapter have been working with these communities, numbering around 1,500 people, since 2006 in various projects along with Centro Educativo La Minga, Inc. (CELM).  This project will address improvements/expansion in the existing MP-QT potable water system, explore the use of drip watering, initiation of erosion control, provide modified rocket stoves, and courses on how to properly use them. Rotary eClub One will commit $5,000 to this project. 


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