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Vocational Training for Widows on Tailoring | 2021

October 8, 2021

eClub One Service Project – Project Report/Summary

Rotary eClub One members support service projects, and the global nature of Rotary eClub One means the Club has opportunities for service projects in many countries. Because each service project is unique and spearheaded by individual eClub One members, each report/summary has a slightly different form.    Below is a report/summary of a recently-completed service project supported by the Club. 
The funds for the Club’s service projects are available thanks Rotary eClub One’s Make-up Program and the generous Rotarians who utilize the program.


Sponsored by Rotary eClub One, District 5450


17th Feb, 2020
OPERATION: Selection and Screening

The President appointed 5 man Rotarians committee to coordinate the project, namely Rot. Adediran Adejuwon, Rot Olu Aturamu, Rot. Lekan Oni, Rot Micheal Kuduyo and Rot Idiat Ibrahim. The screening of participants for the sponsored vocational training was organized committee members and selection took place immediately. Registration form were given out for free with a flyer. The participants were addressed in Yoruba Language because of their level of education. We all agreed that a Rotarian should stand in for them to as a guarantor for the purpose of monitoring and follow up. Twenty (20) widows were selected for the training. 

25th Feb, 2020
OPERATION: Special orientation

Orientation program and presentation of certificates of selection was carried out. After. Special orientation were organized to inform them of the importance of the training and the empowerment there after. The Fashion School was introduced to the whole guests. The sponsor of the vocational training was introduce to them which is Rotary eclub one, US.

26th Feb, 2020
OPERATION:  Training starts 

They were officially handed over to the trainer/ Fashion school. After a month and half, the training was stopped for a while due to COVID 19 lockdown. The lockdown was just for 3 weeks. Normal training has started again with high spirit.

22nd May, 2020
OPERATION:  Purchase of the Sewing Machines

We went to Ibadan to purchase the sewing machines. We made effort to purchase the sewing machines in Akure but it was just too expensive. It was sold for N50,000 naira only. We called a friend at Ibadan and we got it for N39,000 naira. On our proposal to your club, we stated N35,000 but due to COVID 19 and inflation it has increased to N50,000. We buy TWO LION sewing machines being one of the best in the market as recommended by the trainer.

8th June 2020
OPERATION:  updated report (Proposed donation)

As at today, Monday, 8th June, 2020,  we have purchased, assembled and labeled the 17 sewing machines with the sponsored name, Rotary eclub One, US. We are ready to donate the 17 sewing machines to all trained participants. COVID 19 and restricted movement and social distancing have really affected our physical meeting as a club. Presently the government has relaxed the lockdown, there is going to be a physical meeting on Tuesday, 9th June, 2020. For now we are proposing 16th June, Tuesday, 2020 as the official date for the presentation of the 17 sewing machines to all participants. A comprehensive report with income and expenses account will get to you on or before 30th June 2020. 

Thank you very much for your support and making a different in our community and lives of the participants.

Report by 
Adediran Adejuwon

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