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Water supply to Mullippadi


Water supply to Mullippadi

Water supply to the villagers and the children + staff

in an Orphanage in Mullippadi of

Trichirappalli District, Tamil Nadu –South India


Project Champion:  Isaac Arulappan, Member Rotary eClubOne


Direct Beneficiaries:  Children, youth and the local village communities of Mullippadi, Karattupatti, Avarampatti and Pudur. 


100 members in total (85 orphan children and 15 residential staff) live in Cornerstone Orphanage, a unit of the project’s Cooperating Organization Deva Kirubai Social Help Association (DKSHA), a local voluntary not-for profit public charitable Organization functioning in Village Mullippadi.

 Indirect Beneficiaries:

All travellers passing Mullippadi Village located on the National Highway Number 45 (all 24 hours on foot, bicycles, two wheelers, cars and big vehicles etc) will benefit from the Public Water supply Unit (1000 litres capacity Tank) fixed by the side of the High way road near the front side of the Cooperating Organization campus.

All Children, youth, Farmers, village women and men and Legal Guardians of the orphanage children who keep visiting DKSHA Organization for various meetings, visiting the children and staff on various occasions for many ongoing community service /development projects throughout the year.

The Project:

DKSHA – Deva Kirubai Social Help Association the local implementing partner of this project having the support assistance of the project implementation committee consists of the local rotary club members, villagers, and local volunteers all together cleaned the space and drilled one new bore well (1091 feet deep) and Redrilling of another existing bore well (drilled with the help received from Bowmanville Rotary Club, ON – Canada) up to 907 feet deep using a high pressure drilling machine. One well had good water source and the other one with little water sources than what all expected.

Required Motor and pump, pipes, cable wire, all purchased as narrated in the Project Budget. The installation of the motor and pump pipelines and also used the purchased water tank for the use of the villagers and the public and the same were installed with the help of hired Electricians and Fitters available locally.  Water supply available in one of the two bore wells is connected directly to the tank placed for the villagers and for the general public and another one is connected to the water storage tanks available for the use of the children and staff living in the local orphanage at Village Mullippadi.

Utilization of the Grant Amount sanctioned/approved by both eclubOne and that of the Dist.5450, received by the implementing Organization were put in good full use for paying to the hired water diviner, the drilling of the two wells; buying of the Motors, Pumps, cable wire, Pipes, taps, cement, sand, bricks and all other things needed including the transportations of the project materials for the successful completion of the said project.

Participation by the local community and Local Rotary Club Members:

Starting from the implementing agency staff, Isaac the member of the Rotary eClub One, Vaiyampatti Rotary Club President with a few members of this club, people representative who are the members of the Project Planning, implementation and maintenance committee all spent so much of their time and service help from the start till the completion of this project is highly commendable one.

Inauguration of the completed Project:

Having Rotarian Jayaraman Karthik of Perambalur Rotary Club, who is the Director for Public Image , Dist.3000 as the Chief Guest came with two of his club members Rotarian Past President Gunasekar, Rotarian Sampath and the local Vaiyampatti Rotary Club President Mohamed Mustafa, 5 other local Rotary Club members, with the villagers and all children and staff in DKSHA Cornerstone Orphanage all enjoyed the great celebration of officially inaugurating the water sources and the public water tank and donated the same for the safe and happy use for all beneficiaries from 27th March 2016.

The Chief Guest of this day’s function and all local Rotary Club Members appreciated Rotary eClubOne and Dist.5450 during their felicitation speeches for the excellent and timely projects they have done to support the needs of Water and Sanitation to the people in this part of the Globe. All attended the function learned a lot about Rotary eclubOne as Isaac the Project Champion spoke for 10 minutes about Rotary eClubOne.

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