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President’s Writing– August 2022

Dear Rotarians, Welcome August – It is Membership month, its new resolve, new membership initiatives, and new commitments.  As Rotarians, and in line with this year’s theme, Lets imagine August in Rotary. 

Embracing Membership

Before we move ahead, we need to perform our Wellness check!! 
What is my fellow Rotarian up to these past months?  Pick just one person and connect!  Do we know the capabilities and skills of our membership? Where can I be of help?  What can we do to make this Club the best place to be? 

“Imagine Comfort and Care - Making people feel included and welcomed is the most powerful way we can engage members. We want to Listen to our members to understand why they joined Rotary and what they expect and want from their experience. Watch a message from Jones about creating a welcoming club experience.” Quote RI President Jennifer Jones

Rotary Vision Statement

“Together, we see a World where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe.”
Our Club is the best example of what Rotary stands for, and the best place to create this lasting change in the World:

Our Strengths lies in our membership:
We are diverse
Full of various cultures
Many and varied ethnicity
Many different languages
Full of abundant human resources 
We are located round the World, over 17 different locations
We operate 24/7 around the world
We can create the best service project experience. 

Let’s utilize these characteristics, take advantage of our diversity and uniqueness, use our characteristics to our advantage and create opportunities and an atmosphere for us to thrive.

At the beginning of the Rotary year the Board of Directors initiative, was to connect and touch base with every member, we started with direct calls/connect/email, where each Board member called five members. The Board of Directors and club membership comprises 70 strong, a quick calculation indicates that, if one third of us connect, we can reach the entire membership, collectively by June. The idea is, to connected with each member and make everyone feel welcome.  We want to create a program that will keep and sustain current members and attract new vibrant and working members to our Club. This exercise is in addition to our membership survey. We know strong engaged members makes a functional and successful club, hence our approach.
Let’s get involved answer the call to action! 
Have you volunteered?
To whom much is given much is expected, lets execute with confidence.

Patricia Mourillon
President Rotary eClub One

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