Rotary eClub One
 Rotary eClub One Executives and DG Sandy Mortensen of District 5450 at the RI Convention in Toronto, Canada.

L-R: Eyo Effiong (President, eClub One), Sandy Mortensen (District Governor, District 5450), 'Buchi Akpeh (Immediate Past President, eClub One)


PP. James McCutcheon, a Rotarian since 2003, Past President of Riverwalk Rotary Club of San Antonio, and Past International and Foundation Chair. PP. James has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Texas Law School - the Managing Partner at Tuggey McCutcheon LLP and RMC Shavano Partners LP.

PP. James’ dedication to Rotary is exemplary - the Spirit of Rotary Recognition recognizes Rotarians who through sustained, outstanding and unusual dedication to the ideals of Rotary, through Inter-Club friendship exchanges and Cross-Cultural relationships, contribute in significant ways to the established work of Rotary. 

PP. James McCutcheon’s hobby includes traveling, international relations, economic development; Spanish and Italian language studies; history and cultural studies; biking, downhill skiing, boating and Colorado hiking; and theological studies.

CONGRATULATIONS!! PP. James McCutcheon, Rotary eClub One’s Rotarian of the week.


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RI President's Message 2019

Ian H.S. Riseley - Rotary International President-elect 2016-17

Barry Rassin

President 2018-19

February 2019

In my travels over the past year, I've visited many strong, vibrant clubs and districts that are transforming their communities. When I attend their meetings, I can feel the energy. When I meet their members, I can see they are people of action. And when I look at their communities, I can recognize the impact of their work.

I've also visited communities with Rotary clubs that were hardly more than social clubs. It shouldn't ever be that way. Fortunately, there's a simple approach that I believe can help revitalize any club.

I'd like to challenge every Rotary club to come up with at least one high-impact service project. Each club already has the potential, the resources, to make it happen. It has the power to change people's lives — completely.

It doesn't take millions of dollars. One of the most transformational projects I've been a part of involved providing a Jeep to a group of midwives in Haiti. We had asked the midwives what we could do for them, and they told us they needed a way to reach expectant mothers in a remote part of the country. We supplied a Jeep, painted it pink, and put the Rotary logo on it. Three years later, we went back to see how they were doing. They were excited by the outcomes: They told us that the mortality rate for mothers and infants in that region had dropped by 50 percent.

That's what I call transformational service.

But Jeeps don't last forever, and after eight years on the road, that vehicle was on its last legs. So we bought a pink Land Cruiser. It's still on the road, allowing the midwives to provide prenatal care to women in that remote region.

What makes a project transformational? It doesn't have to involve a lot of money, but it has to reach people and have a major impact in the community. That is the key, and that is where careful planning and thorough research come in. So do your research. Leverage your resources. Seek partnerships that can increase your impact. And then take action.

Of course, service is only part of what a strong club must offer. It must also have good speakers, provide leadership development, involve Rotaract and Interact, and bring value to its members and reasons to participate in Rotary events.

If your club is transformational and well-organized, everything else will follow. Members will be engaged, and new members will be eager to join you. Fundraising will be easier: People love to give when they see how their money is making a difference and when they know the organization is accountable. Your club will be vibrant, relevant, and alive — and it will Be the Inspiration to those within its ranks as well as to the community it serves.

Be the Inspiration – and together we can, and we will, inspire the world.

February 23, 2019 ......World Rotary Day (#WRD)

        February 23, 2019         ......World Rotary Day (#WRD)

Join Rotary eClub One on February 23, 2019 and Celebrate Rotary! Donate to Community Service Projects Worldwide and The Rotary Foundation-Polio Fund.


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