Rotary eClub One

President's Message AUGUST 2013

Dear Fellow eClub Rotarians:

For us club members in the Northern Hemisphere, we are watching a great summer and those in the Southern Hemisphere, you are waiting for the first days of your spring season to arrive.  Wherever you are, I hope you, your families, and your Rotary causes are full and happy. 

Our energetic club secretary, Emmanuel tells us that close to 20% of our eClub attended the Rotary International Convention is Lisbon, Portugal.  As Tracy Adams reported, it was magical connecting with our other club members and seeing the power of Rotary in the four days we spent together.  We look forward to reuniting in Sydney, Australia in June of 2014. 

Our club has had a great July.  This last month we have:

o   Continued to implement the new website that will allow others to learn about Rotary in the technology and keep us members connected.  Thanks go to 'Buchi Alpeh for being our navigator to the website recreation.  Jerry Wistrom also deserves a big thank you for all he did to start us on this website redesign.

o   Developed a budget for our 2013-2014; our Treasurer, Joe Spears has helped us through this process, ensuring that we are on a financially stable path: A balanced budget without prior year residual.  Your eClub directors will keep you informed of service projects and encourage you to be thinking about how to serve your communities with our budget. 

o   Monitored activity on the forum:  Thanks go to Emmanuel and Henry Harrison for their work on this.  We know we need you to help this club stay active and involved.  Please participate in forums.  Those who lead the forums ask great questions that I find myself thinking about for days. 

o   Received good attention for our Disaster funds supporting a resident whose home was damaged after the Waco, Texas explosion thanks to Emmanuel who leads our Disaster Relief Committee. 

o   Welcomed several new members to our club; our President- Elect Tracy supports our membership committee.  That committee with Megan Maclean, and Kristina Harshany is working hard to transition our new members.  Join me in saying hello to Jane Fletcher, Jane Anthony, Susan Engelstad, Tressa Breindel and Heiner Welter, if you haven't done so already in the forum.  All these new members give August, our Rotary membership month, reason for our club to celebrate. 

You can see, with the energy and vision of our members, we are off to a great start of our Rotary year.  What would make this year even better?  You!  Join us in our forums, email us to say hi or give us your suggestions.  I look forward to learning more about you on the forums.

In Rotary service and Peace,

Deborah Brackney
President, Rotary eClub One
August 1, 2013