Rotary eClub One

President's Message JULY 2013

Welcome to the new Rotary year!

First and most importantly, thank you to our Immediate Past President, Tom Green who stood up as President for two years.Tom truly exemplified "Service Above Self". Under Tom's leadership our club can be proud of so many things:

  • We are now at 72 members
  • We achieved the District award for greatest group in our size category
  • We were 123% to budget for TRF donations for the district
  • We introduced our new website this year after a tough start last year
  • We are ending our year with a balanced budget and going into 2013-2014 fiscally strong.

As we enter the New Year, I am looking forward to so many things including

  • A strong eClub committed to the principals of Rotary and already a leader in the new world of connecting through technology
  • Strong committed leaders in the Board. Thank you to Tracey Adams, Emmanuel Serriere, Joe Spears and Tom for serving as the Executive Committee and to the Board; Jeremy Penner, John Cutler and 'Buchi Akpeh.
  • The creation of a 501 (c) 3 so giving to our club has the tax advantages of a charitable nonprofit.
  • Further development of the website and our expanded use of social media
  • Exploring opportunities for fundraising so we can do what we do best and respond to disasters and other international projects as well as support our local communities.
  • Our next annual dinner in June of 2014 in Sydney. We will celebrate with some our special Australian rotary leaders such as Chris, Cheonhee and John.
What will make us even better as club?We are a large club and obviously we operate in a way that keeps us from having face-to-face meetings. I have learned this year that can mean that it is hard to engage members.Help me with this.Please sign up to be part of a committee.Our service committee under Jeremy Penner or our membership committee could use your rotary talents.Please reach out to me and I will get you connected!

In 1921, Rotary was on six continents and included members such as Thomas Mann and Albert Schweitzer.That same year Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for physics and Boeing received its first orders for aircraft.Today one club, our club, has members in six continents and doesn't need airplanes to connect us.We have so much ahead of us and also a strong past.I look forward to this next chapter with you.

Deborah Brackney
President, Rotary eClub One
July 1, 2013