Rotary eClub One

President's Message AUGUST 2014

First and foremost, welcome to all those visiting our website to learn more about us and to make up for a missed meeting. Your contributions are used to fund grants for a vast variety of projects that are implemented by our club members around the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you again.

August is membership and extension month. we talk much about how to bring in new members to rotary. there are two things that are basic to bringing good people into rotary. the first is to lead by example. if we live a life of service and use the 4 way test as a guide we have more credibility when we do the second of the two things. we cannot bring someone into rotary unless we ask them. it sounds so simple but it is something we need to improve upon.

Just a couple of months ago my husband and i visited a young man whom we hosted years earlier as a group study exchange team member. he is someone i would ask in a heartbeat to become a rotarian. the first evening we were talking after dinner and i asked him if he was a member of the local rotary club. he said no. i was shocked. i asked him if he found it difficult to make weekly meetings or if there was something else keeping him from being in rotary. his answer was, “nobody asked me to join”. i asked him if he would if asked and he said, “of course”.

I wrote the president of the club in the town where he works to introduce this fine young man and propose they consider him as a potential member. i have yet to hear from the club. how many more people like this young man are out there and waiting to be asked? let us allinvite at least 3 people to join us at a rotary meeting. for we eclub members, let’s do the same by asking at least 3 people who would be fine rotarians and need the flexibility that our club provides for those who cannot commit to a specific day and time each week.

Let me leave you with an inspiring message from our very own district governor, peter ewing. in his message he mentions several opportunities for our members to participate in district 5450 events.

Yours in rotary service,

Tracy adams

President, Rotary eClub One 2014-2015