Rotary eClub One

President's Message JANUARY 2015

This Rotary year is half way over. In the last six short months our members have done much to bring awareness to Rotary through projects inspired and implemented by each member all over the world. Many of the projects were funded by International and community grants awarded by Rotary eClub One.  Many were funded by the member.

Rotary eClub One is able to provide these grants using monies donated to our club when someone visits us for a make-up program. We can assure all those who have donated over the years, your money could not be better spent.

A)   We are able to implement projects all over the world; Most of the projects are personally implemented and or supervised by one of our members since we are located all over the world.

B)   With the exception of minimal banking fees, none of your money goes to administrative costs.  We are paid in the satisfaction that we have an opportunity to serve.

I will leave you with a wish for a happy and prosperous 2015 and a long list of the projects that have been funded in our short 6 months of this Rotary year. Thank you for visiting our website. Thank you for your generous donations. Thank you to all our members who bring awareness to Rotary through your example and your time spent helping others.

1.  Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Speech Therapy Trip in Peru – Between 75 and 100 children will receive medical care that would otherwise be unavailable to them from a team of trained experts.  The team repairs cleft lips and palates and offers speech therapy. 

2.  Planning for Water Service Project in Got Osimbo, Kenya – To fund the planning stages of a water project in the 6000-person Got Osimbo community in Kenya.  

3.  Maternal Health in Afghanistan – Charkent is the poorest district in Balkh Province.  HealthProm has been working in Charkent District since 2009 and is the only organization in the district focused on improving maternal and child health. HealthProm works in partnership with local organization, Bakhtar Development Network, to deliver the project.  

4.  Water Tanks at Deva Kirubai Social Help Association in India – Rotary eClub One will contribute some money towards the construction of above ground water tanks to collect and hold water.

5.  One Lamp per Bure in Fiji – Proposed by Jane Fletcher: Remote islands of the South Pacific typically have no access to infrastructure like electricity. Rotary eClub One will contribute lanterns for 25 families in the remote village of Togo.

6.  Literacy Global Grant in Guatemala –  The project serves the indigenous peoples in the western highlands of Guatemala, home of the lowest literacy rates in the western hemisphere.  The Global Grant consists of 3 parts: providing literacy training to teachers and reading books in 25 elementary schools, implementing 9 literacy-strengthening textbook projects and establishing 2 computer centers.  

7.  Scholarships for Practicing Primary School Teachers in Guatemala – Proposed by Megan MacLean: Rotary eClub One will contribute $2,000 for Teacher Training Scholarships.  The purpose of the Teacher Training Scholarships will be to provide scholarships to primary school teachers already teaching at a recognized Ministry of Education (public) School in a geographical area in relatively close proximity to the community of Solola, Guatemala. 

8.  Scholarships for Students Pursing High School in Ecuador –Rotary eClub One will contribute to the scholarship funds available for students after they graduate from Colegio La Minga. In addition, other students are pursing degrees in elementary education, ecotourism, agro-industrial farming, veterinary medicine, and law. 

9.  Educational Materials for Tribal Children in South Calcutta, India –The beneficiaries of the project are students in Classes 9-12 (Junior and High school level) at three schools run by the Government of West Bengal, throughout the Dakshin Barasat area of South Calcutta in the West Bengal State of India. Schools in this area do not provide textbooks and/or exercise books consistently to enable students to complete their basic education; 

10.  Support for the Public Library in Tacna, Peru –Built in 1957, the Tacna public library is the city’s only public library. It supports 300,000 residents and relies on private funding. The building is in need of repair. The employees of the library and members of the community will do much of the manual labor.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Tracy Adams