Rotary eClub One

President's Message FEBRUARY 2015

February is World Understanding Month

The earth is not getting smaller but we hear/read often about how our world is getting smaller. Population growth, transportation and technology have brought us to a place where we can interact easily with anyone most anywhere.

Rotary eClub One is the world’s first Rotary Club whose members live world- wide.  We have forums each week that discuss various topics and for me, give me perspectives from people whose lives are lived far away.

After hosting many exchange students through Rotary Youth Exchange I came to the realization that we are more alike than different and we all want the same things in life; love, prosperity and peace.

Though our world is getting smaller and connecting with those far away is getting easier, I find we do less talking or face to face communication and more electronic communication.

When we communicate electronically so much is left out and we set ourselves up for misunderstanding. What I mean is that the written word, unless you are a great novelist leaves out quite a bit of context. We miss intonation, emotion and visual cues.

Rotary gives us many opportunities to understand others through interaction. I do not think we can truly get to know each other without face to face interaction. Electronic communication is and should be only a way to keep in touch in-between those times that we can actually spend time together and getting to really know and understand each other.

In Rotary eClub One we are constantly working on ways to build fellowship and utilize technology in a way that allows us to see each other while we talk. When we travel, we make a point to contact one of our members if they are in the area we will travel to schedule a time to meet and share a meal, cup of coffee, glass of wine and sometimes even spend a day or two in or near their home.

Once per year we have an opportunity to come together for a few days and have our annual dinner. This year it will be in Boulder Colorado. For more information click on “Back to Boulder” or see us on this website and join us if you have time and find yourself in the area.