Rotary eClub One

President's Message JUNE 2014

Hello All

Below in my last official letter, here are some of my reflections from the Rotary International Conference.  I was in Australia for nearly two weeks that were filled with incredible Rotary experiences.

·      Face to face fellowship is not always the norm in a club like ours but when we do get to meet what fun we have.  On Monday, June 2nd we had our Annual Dinner.  Chris Joscelyne was the best Master of Ceremonies.  He wowed us and helped, along with Cheonhee Sohn to truly create a night to remember.     The evening’s program included a presentation from the Rotary International Secretary, John Hewko, who suggested that our club is a club model of the future. 

·      That same evening, we gave Emmanuel the club member of the year award.  We call it the Donald M. Carter award.  Emmanuel is very deserving of this honor.  As so many of you know, Emmanuel has touched the fabric of this club in his outstanding job as club secretary and the work he has done to improve our club website.   Please congratulate him!

·      Our club gala included awarding our Professional Excellence Award to Andrew Upton for his work with the Sydney Theater Company.  Andrew's commitment to youth theatre and to environmental sustainability at Walsh Bay demonstrates that he is a true innovator.  Andrew's commitment to youth theatre and to environmental sustainability at Walsh Bay demonstrates that he is a true innovator.

·      That same evening we passed the metaphorical gavel to Tracy Adams.  Tracy outlined her vision for next year as well as the confidence she has in the success of all this club can do.  Check out some photos that capture some of the evening’s special moments at and others on our Facebook page at

·      On Wednesday June 4th, I was lucky enough to attend the Rotary CBD Australiana Night. That event was in the New South Wales Parliament house.  What a magnificent building and what an opportunity to participate in an evening sponsored by those who will be new members of our eClub beginning July 1st.  Their President, Joan Richards did a great job in hosting the evening, another event facilitated wonderfully by Chris. 

·      Joan was also on the trip to the Red Center along with two other Sydney CBD Rotarians, Amy HIng-Young and Margaret Babington.  All were terrific companions and got me even more excited to welcome Sydney CBD members into our club.  Our Past President, Angus Robinson guided the trip and what a pleasure to spend a week with him, and club members Carol Steen and Robert Steen. 

·      Many of our eClub members in Sydney were volunteers at the eClubs booth in the House of Friendship.  It was a thrill to introduce many Rotarians (conference registration was at about 20,000) to the possibilities of doing some or all Rotary business in the technosphere. 

·      Finally, it was just wonderful to spend time with our members in a Rotary rich environment.  Whether Rotary is doing its work in eradicating polio, providing great networking opportunities or helping to fund projects around the world that make our lives more peaceful, clean and safe that reminds us it is a “GOOD DAY to BE a Rotarian.”

Thanks for making this a good year for me to be a Rotarian.  I have enjoyed this work and you members  greatly.   Best to Tracy who will have her own special year.


President, Rotary eClub One 2013-2014