Rotary eClub One

President's Message JUNE 2015

June is Rotary Fellowship Month

Though service is our primary goal in Rotary, we could not get done all that we have without fellowship. Rotary provides us opportunities for fellowship on so many levels. Of course, there is fellowship at the club level. It is very important for us to know our fellow members and have a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

To get a more complete sense of fellowship in Rotary, we must go beyond seeking friendship with those in our club and interact with Rotarians from other places. This allows us to promote peace and goodwill through better understanding.

Rotary International has set up a link on their website that lists a wide variety of groups based on a specific interest. These groups are made up of Rotarians around the world that share the same interest. As an example, our PP Chris, is a member of the group of Rotarians who are passionate about wines and our treasurer Joe is a HAM (Amateur Radio)

Here is a list of some of the Rotary International approved fellowships:

•Amateur Radio •Antique Automobiles •Authors and Writers •Beer •Bird Watching •Bowling •Canoeing •Caravanning •Carnival and Festivals •Chess •Computer Users •Cooking •Convention Goers •Cricket •Cruising •Curling •Cycling •Doctors •Doll Lovers •E-Clubs •Editors and Publishers •Environment •Esperanto •Fishing •Flying •Geocaching •Go •Golf •Home Exchange •Honorary Consuls •Horseback Riding •Internet •Italian Culture •Jazz •Latin Culture •Lawyers •Magicians •Magna Graecia •Marathon Running •Motorcycling •Music •Old and Rare Books •Past District Governors •Photographers •Police and Law Enforcement •Pre-Columbian Civilizations •Quilters and Fiber Artists •Railroads •Recreational Vehicles •Rotary Global History •Rotary Heritage and History •Rotary Means Business •Rotary on Stamps •Scouting •Scuba Diving •Singles •Skiing •Social Networks •Tennis •Total Quality Management •Travel and Hosting •Wellness and Fitness •Wine •Yachting

If there is not a group already started in your particular area of interests you are welcome to start one yourself. Guidelines can be found on the Rotary International website.

My term as president will be over soon. We were able to obtain two prestigious awards at the District Conference last month in Colorado: The District's "Outstanding Membership Growth" and the Rotary International "Presidential Award".  What a team!

It has been a pleasure serving in this capacity and will step down knowing that our club is in very capable hands. Our president elect, Emmanuel, is no stranger to leadership and he has put together an awesome team to see that things run smoothly.

I hope you have enjoyed your time on our website and found some programs that were informative and interesting. Feel free to leave feedback. We are encouraged by your complimentary and constructive comments.

Yours in Rotary Service,