Rotary eClub One

President's Message MAY 2014

Hello All

Well this is it!  This is my last formal letter as the President of Rotary eClub One.  While I will compose one more letter for June, it will be from Sydney Australia as the President’s Gavel is passed from me to our President elect, Tracy Adams. 

A month ago my workplace introduced a wellness benefit to all of us.  It was 30 days of guided meditation to help reduce stress and teach us to be more mindful.  One of the daily mindfulness practices is to construct a list of 5-10 items for which we are grateful.  As this year ends, let me describe my gratitude to you and this club for a terrific year.

#10.  I am grateful for each of you our eClub members.  This year you have participated in a variety of ways that illuminates the four way test and shows true Rotary Sprit.  You have worked hard on the development of international grants, you have applied for community service grants, you have given great ideas about improving the club, you have made thoughtful contributions to our forums (thank you Henry Harrison for hosting us each week) and when asked you have contributed to our disaster relief efforts.  Thanks is a very small word for how grateful I am that you spent this year with our club!

#9 I am grateful for our financial stability.  Our Treasurer, Joe Spears dedicated time and his good financial mind to make sure that our financial records are in great shape.  He analyzed trends and helped to make sure that our charitable dollars are separate from our club operations.  We close the year in very good financial shape.

# 8. I am grateful for our new website.  According to our website liaison Emmanuel Serriere, wearing one of his many Rotary hats, we have over 5000 visitors each and every months who come to our site to do their Rotary makeups. Our new site makes this process easier and has allowed us to stay financially strong as many of those Rotarians send us donations for that makeup.

#7.  I am grateful that our President Elect Tracy Adams will focus on creating stronger eClub connections.  Many of you weighed in on how to create these bonds and Tracy will work to implement many of those ideas.  We will welcome a large group of members from Sydney to our club and Tracy’s vision will help our large club still feel connected.

#6.  I am grateful that we were able to support disaster relief efforts in two areas of the world- Colorado USA and the Philippines.  This quick response to disaster is a very unique aspect of our club. 

#5.  I am grateful that we funded some impressive international grants.  The world will be better for this.  Whether the grant is to help improve water in Kenya or improve literacy in Guatemala, this club is active in helping Rotary help others.  Many of the grants we funded were done in collaboration with other clubs and that just increases what we can do.  Jeremy Penner did an outstanding job as service committee chair and thanks to Jason Griffith who will carry on this next year. 

#4.  I am grateful for all our new members.  You are the way this club renews itself.  Thanks to Megan MacLean and her committee who onboarded new members and welcomed them.

#3.  I am grateful for the dozen or so of our members who took advantage of our community service grants and applied to help an organization in our community.

#2.  I am so grateful to the Board who always had the focus of what was best for the club and Rotary.  You are great leaders and I have learned much from Tracy Adams, Emmanuel Serriere, Joe Spears, Tom Green, Jeremy Penner, Buchi Akpeh Megan MacLean, Charlie Tegarden and John Cutler who served us all so well.  Tracy starts her year with such leadership strength including the addition of Jason Griffith and Jane Anthony.

#1.  I am so grateful that Tom Green asked me to serve and that gave me this incredible opportunity to work with this club’s membership.  We are a unique and rare community. 

I look forward to our time in Australia.  We have a devoted set of members such as Chris Joscelyne, Cheonhee Sohn, and John Cutler making sure that our time together is special. 

In Rotary gratitude,


President, Rotary eClub One 2013-2014