Rotary eClub One

President's Message MAY 2015

Rotary 2014/2015 has been a productive year for Rotary eClub One. As of today, our membership grew from 66 to 91. This would not have been possible without the excellent organization and hard work of Chris Joscelyne, Joan Richards, Deb Brackney, Emmanuel Serriere and Megan MacLean. Thank you all!  Besides the 25 Sydney members we accepted on July 1, added 11 new members and 11 members left mostly to join Terra Clubs.  


Our budget is right on track and we were able to distribute $33,000 to various international projects plus $11,000 to community projects.  


In the last 9 months, our members have contributed at least 6903 hours of service in their communities, nationally and or internationally.  That is 26 hours of hands-on service per member per quarter. This is impressive and makes me proud to be a member of Rotary eClub One.


I have enjoyed working with people from other countries and other cultures. One interesting aspect in our communication is figurative speech. I learned that some people heard ducks and some heard cats as an example. When I was a little girl I had an aunt who would greet us with “come over here and let me mug you with hugs and kisses”. I bring that up for a reason. I have here a vessel that has many names I call it a mug. Inside this mug are candies that I call Hershey kisses and hugs.


There are a few people here that I would like to mug with hugs and kisses. Would the following people please step forward to be recognized for being instrumental in the success of our club this year?

·    IPP and Annual Dinner Committee member, Deb Brackney

·    Too many hats to list and President Elect Emmanuel Serriere

·    Treasurer Joe Spears

·    President Nominee and Administrative Chair Buchi Akpeh

·    Forum Coordinator Henry Harrison

·    Annual Dinner Committee member Heather McCallin

·    Too many hats to list and member #9 Chris Joscelyne

·    Mentor to our Sydney members, Joan Richards

·    International Grant Chair and photographer extraordinaire, Wayne Markel

·    The love of my life, Bryan Blackwell


Thank you for an excellent year.