Rotary eClub One

President's Message OCTOBER 2013

Dear eClub Friends

And, the rains came and came and didn’t stop. Colorado, which has more than 360 days of sun each year had a week in September that would have been the equivalent of 100 inches of snow. That same week of our rains, there was a hurricane in Mexico and flooding in the Philippines. And just as in Colorado where we have many citizens displaced by the floods and will be for the months ahead, others in our world are looking to rebuild their lives.

Nature and other forces make us vulnerable. But, to help manage all that life can throw at our communities is our organization, Rotary International. Our club, which is International in its composition, helps communities throughout the world. Last month you heard about Jeremy Penner who announced our International Grants. We already have several good applications that Jeremy and his committee will review. Another way we support our communities is through our Community Service Grants. Again this Rotary year, the board approved funding for these grants; which we, as club members can apply to help an organization in our local communities that support work or an organization, that like Rotary helps minimize the vagaries of life. Jason Griffin is the leader of this committee. Watch for an email coming from our club secretary, Emmanuel. Over the years our club has funded libraries, books for children, scholarships, animal welfare, food banks, water projects, community cleanup and other worthwhile organizations.

Two years ago, I applied and received a Community Service Grant for a local organization called Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC). For 35 years this organization’s mission is to help Metro Denver senior’s age in place. One of the ways they do this is to give seniors, volunteer opportunities. SRC has a great volunteer group that devotes itself to home improvement. These wonderful gentleman go to other homes and repair windows, do yard upkeep and build ramps for those who need wheelchair access to their homes. About six months ago, I got to see one of the ramps that was made possible by a community service grant. This ramp means that a senior can live in their house. Rotary did that. What other organization can say it help eradicate polio while installing a wheelchair ramp? Thanks for what you do to smooth out the hard times that our world faces.

October 1, 2013

On other eClub news, we asked you to vote on revisions made to the bylaws. Our club secretary, Emmanuel reports that 67% our members approved of the revisions. That means 47 of you said “yes” and one of you said “no”. We will continue to review the by-laws as some of you made suggestions for the next time around. Also three of you stepped up to serve as our TRF chair. Thank you – that was terrific. I will reach out to each of you to learn more about your interests and we will get you helping the club, if you will, in one capacity or another. Thank you all for your service to our club.

Have a lovely October in your part of the world. Deb

In Peace and Rotary service.

President Deb.