Rotary eClub One

Club President's Message

Welcome to the start of the New Rotary Year. This years’ theme “Rotary Connects the World” is what our club is all about. Our club currently has 65 members from 14 countries such as USA, India, England, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, China, Thailand, Austria Switzerland just to name a few. Rotary eClub One was the first internet club for Rotary having been chartered on January 4th, 2002 in the Rotary District 5450 in Colorado, USA.

I saw this cartoon on Facebook about “the new flexible Rotary Meeting”, well it has been here since 2002. How true it is the flexible meeting model; we bring Rotary to anyone everywhere at any time.  You can be on the beach, on vacation, traveling for business or pleasure, at the BBQ, on the cruise ship, anywhere in the world at any time, you  are able to do a make-up online by going to All contributions from make-ups go to funding our Club’s grant.

Last year our club did 30 grants in our members communities and worldwide many involved other local Rotary Clubs. These are some of the grants we funded:

Mgbom N’Achara Schools Sanitation (MASS) Project,  WRD STEM & Robotics Project, 2019 WRD Youth Leadership Program, Tamil Province School Desks & Furnishings Project, Icaros Homeless Infirm & Elderly Shelter & Community Kitchen in collaboration with Rotary Club of Icaros, Mexico, Bonfil Mexico Sunshade & Outdoor Performance Area for Orphanage, Mexico, Intensive Training for Rotaract Representatives & Governors in Nigeria, Miracle Baby – Heart Operation from Nigeria performed in India with collaboration of local Rotary Clubs in India, : Arusha Water Project in Tanzania, Global Grant Neonatal Transport Project Ogun State Nigeria in collaboration with Rotary Club of Maryland.

We welcome members new to Rotary or Rotarians leaving their current Rotary Club due to changes in family life, job changes, and in general life changes.  This year we will welcome a new group to our club “Young Professionals “ Exciting things will be happening this year. Join us!

Jane E. Anthony, ARM, CPIW

President 2019-2020

Rotary eClub One