Rotary eClub One
District 5450
Rotary's first eClub
Chartered January 4th, 2002

Club President's Message

In roughly 30 days, my term as President will come to an end like all Club Presidents.  The last quarter of our term was like no other - COVID 19 with worldwide shut down. 

Being a People of Action, Rotary changed overnight shifted to projects to help local and worldwide, food banks, first responders, medical personnel,  providing clean water, masks, venalitors, and whatever else is needed to serve the communities worldwide. 

Our club has provided food to food banks in Mexico and India ; face masks to first responders, nurses, nursing homes, hospices, jails,  rehabilitation hospitals,  volunteers providing service to food banks, clean water,  and many more.

I am proud as to what our club has accomplished this year, clean water projects ,  fighting polio, education facilities for children including school for the blind in Nepal.   We continue to sponsor two orphanages on in India and one in Mexico.

Other projects include STEM projects, RYLA in Nigeria and India, Women's' vocation training, Women's, leadership training, sponsored two Youth Exchange students just to name a few. 

The way Rotary  met changed overnight, For eClub One, being an internet club we were used to meeting without a physical location. Being a People of Action, Rotary adapted and learned they can meet using Zoom etc. to bring club members & clubs together. It was used to bring all club presidents in our district together and will continue.  Rotary International met using Zoom. The General Convention this year will all be on the internet.  A virtual experience for all Rotarians.   A new era of meeting  for Rotary has happened with this pandemic .

You can be a part of this wonderful organization. Just visit the Membership- Join us page.

Rotary eClub One  is a club whose members are  People of Action in everything they do.

I am proud to have been their President and would like to thank all the members of the Board and the club for all their support.

I pledge my support to our President Elect Peter Zwicky and wish him all the best in his upcoming year as President.

Thank you

Jane E. Anthony, ARM, CPIW

President 2019-2020

Rotary eClub One

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