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Your Donation, Our Service

Your Donation, Our Service
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Since Rotary eClub One is an Internet based club, we cannot draw on a local community for support of our service projects. The Make-Up Programs on our website are the primary fundraising means we have to support Rotary initiated service projects across the globe. This year our international projects include:

Advanced RYLA in District 5450, Colorado USA

Olorunsogo Borehole Project - Water well for the Olorunsogo Community in Osun state Nigeria- Co- sponsored by our Club member Buchi and Rotary E-club of Nigeria. Local lobar will be used. The borehole will provide a safe and hygienic pipe-borne water source for the community. Currently there is an old water well providing water. There are 1200 members in the community.

Nigerian Project COVID19 Food Relief Project - Project co-sponsored with Rotary Clubs of Greater Nigeria and Osogbo Oroki In District 9125, Nigeria. - Food relief of rice and beans is being provided to 4 villages.

Dahsan Shah Mask Project - Our club members Dashan and Multiple Club Co- Sponsors.- Rtn Dashan company in China switched to production to various forms of personal protection equipment (PPE) including surgical masks. Dashan provided them for family use and first responders at no cost. several members used to the masks to donate to their local communties.

Nepalese School for the Blind - Sponsored by Jim McCutcheon a club members benefiting the blind and other disabled children in poverty stricken Nepal. This is a collaborative project with Rotarians in 3 countries. Rotary Clubs of Bellevue and Lakewood in Seattle Washington area and Rotary Club of Nainamo British Columbia in Canada.

Emergency COVID19 Food Distribution Project, Tamil Province , India, sponsored by club member Isaac, co-sponsored by club members Dashan, Peter Z and Jim.
Emergency food relief in a section of India that has devastated by COVID19 socially and economically.

Clean Water School Project, Tamil Province, India. Sponsored by Club member Isaac. Installing a water well for clean water of the school children at the school.

Health and Sexual Health Education in Utumishi Primary school in Kitengela, Kenya.- sponsored by Club member Roberta . Education program to educate children in high risk areas area. Also identifies children at high risk for child abuse and physical abuse. Rtn Roberta's daughter teaches at eh school and will assist with monitoring the project. Pending

Global Grant - Poona Midtown India, Happy Schools Project- Our club member Makarand is assisting with the grant.

Women's Empowerment Global Grant * Rtn Buchi

Rotaract Director and Programming- Our club member Harshad donated to to the Rotaract program in the name of our Club. This is in District 3060 in India. this was a personal contribution on behalf of the club.

Free Robotics (STEM) and Basketball Camp - Our club member Eyo did this community grant for a small community need in his area. He host this camp most years. we are very glad to participate in this every year.

Icacos Mexico Shelter and Food Kitchen Our Club member Jim and his Rotarian wife Kate have been working with this shelter for years. This year emergency food relief was required. renovation for the computer lab, shelter for the play ground to protect the students. Project was on the Mexican television which Jim and our club were highlighted. This shelter will continue to be supported.

ICT-STEM Digital Classroom for Bonfil Gro Mexico Orphanage and Public School. Our club member Jim is very involved and was there for the opening. It was on Mexican television.

Orphanage Hogar Marsh Outdoor Play Area and Sun Shade-
Our Club member Jim is very involved in this project . This was the sun shade installation.

RYLA Tamil Province India - Our club members Isaac. RYLA project was for the Tribal school Students of Kodaikanai Community. The club has sponsored this project in the past.

Rotaract Directory Sponsorship- Our Club member Harshad personally sponsored an ad in the directory on behalf of the club.

Oglala Lakota Sioux Water Project- Located at Pine Ridge Reservation in south Dakota. This was a District wide sponsored project. Club contributed to the project.

Global Grant Arusha Water Project = Borehole and water system for an all girls school in Arusha Tanzania. Coordinated by a Rotary e-Club of District 7710 North Carolina.

Musical Instruments this community Service grant was a Community Service Grant sponsored by our Club members Robert and Carol. Grant for Lower Economic Students in Duplin County, North Carolina. the grant provided musical instruments for local high school students within a lower lower economic community.

Young Women's Leadership Program - Sponsored by our Club member Henry. Help to fund a participation in the Red Ants Pants Foundation program in Montana for training for young women in the state, Encourages support for economic development and growth within their communities.

We ask that you please consider a contribution that would equal the price of a meal, to support this site and continue the many Rotary eClub One projects.