Rotary eClub One
 Rotary eClub One Executives and DG Sandy Mortensen of District 5450 at the RI Convention in Toronto, Canada.

L-R: Eyo Effiong (President, eClub One), Sandy Mortensen (District Governor, District 5450), 'Buchi Akpeh (Immediate Past President, eClub One)


PP. Deb Brackney, a Rotarian since  1999, a Past President and Past Assistant District Governor (District 5450). 

PP. Deb is Vice-President, and for over 25 years has overseen four Employer Council (EC) Departments: Human Resource Services, Management Development, Outsource Consulting Services and Surveys. While at EC, she focuses on employee development and organizational effectiveness. PP. Deb is also an adjunct professor at Metro State College where she teaches Human Resource Management. Deb has been a member of her book club for over 23 years. Reading is her passion and comfort, and also getting better at cooking.

PP Deb is Rotary eClub One’s sponsor of the Healing the Children Project, a Community Service Project that supports Surgeries  for Children with Cleft Palate in Peru.

CONGRATULATIONS!! PP. Deb Brackney, Rotary eClub One’s Rotarian of the week.                


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                            RI President’s Message | August 2018

                                Barry Rassin - President 2018-19

A well-known saying goes, "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." That doesn't mean people should ignore the needs outside their own homes; instead, they should pay attention to the needs within.

It can be tempting, when our priority is service, to focus only on the things that look like service: the projects, the planning, the work that yields a visible benefit to those who need it. But to do that work effectively, we need to keep our own house in order. In Rotary, that means conducting ourselves in accordance with the principles of Rotary, treating others with respect, and following The Four-Way Test. It means maximizing our impact by planning carefully and stewarding our resources wisely. And it means looking after the long-term health of our organization by ensuring that our membership is strong, engaged, and healthy.

Our membership has hovered around the same 1.2 million mark for 20 years. We aren't growing, and our membership is getting older. We have too many clubs that don't have the knowledge or motivation to have an impact: clubs that don't know what we're doing on a global level, clubs that don't know about our programs or our Foundation, that don't even know how to get involved. And with a membership that is still mostly male, we clearly aren't doing enough to become the organization of choice for women who are seeking to serve.

We are a membership organization first. If we want to achieve the goals we've set for ourselves, we need to put membership first. All of us have a responsibility to take membership seriously, not only by inviting prospective members, but also by making sure new members are welcomed into clubs that offer them something of value. If you see someone walk into a meeting and hesitate, be sure that person has a place to sit and is part of the conversation. If you're enthusiastic about a Rotary program, make sure your club knows about it and knows how to get involved. If you see a need in your community, talk about it at this week's meeting. If we want to be part of an organization that's strong, that's active, that's having an impact – start at home, and Be the Inspirationin Rotary.

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