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Rotary’s December Theme

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Did you know?

• Sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the global disease burden but only 3% of the world’s health care workers and 1% of global health financial resources. (WHO)

• Nearly all of the 14 million to 17 million children and adults who die each year from an infectious disease live in developing countries. (Global Health Council)

• Malaria causes nearly a million deaths each year, the vast majority among children under five. (WHO)

• Africa has 11% of the world’s population but an estimated 60% of people with HIV/AIDS. (WHO)

Here are just a few of the ways Rotary clubs around the world are helping.  

• by sending a team of medical professionals specializing in treating tuberculosis to observe a community-based tuberculosis treatment program and train fellow professionals in improved tuberculosis treatment techniques

• by distributing insecticide-treated bed nets and malaria treatments, and providing instruction on the prevention of malaria in a malaria-endemic region

• by purchasing HIV/AIDS screening supplies for local clinics, training staff on administering tests, and organizing an education campaign

• by sponsoring a scholar studying public health with an emphasis on disease prevention

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