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eClub One Member's Project Continues in Ecuador

Rotary eClub One member Pam Gilbert submits a report about continued progress in Ecuador. For background on this project, search in previously-published articles for “Report from Malingua Pamba.” (Nov 29, 2017)  Rotary eClub One helps support her projects with International Service Grants which are funded by your generous donations for our Makeup Programs.

By Pam Gilbert, Rotary eClub One Member

After talking, cajoling, waiting for over two years… the cats that I was herding actually headed toward the goal of building a second story (La Segunda Etapa) on our beautifully built Edificio Grande (which is also vetted for 3 stories in this ‘Ring of Fire’, i.e. earthquake zone.) 

#1. After two different (Ecuadorian) Directors of Education, #3 Director Victor said he was committed to helping us with the Science Lab.  In addition to promising a Science teacher & 15 new computers, he said he was ready to release the funds for some of the materials (cement, rebar and blocks). 

#2.  After pestering the Malinguans to indicate what they wanted to be included in this large footprint (75’ x 25’), we received their design which included a multi-purpose Science Lab/mini-industrial kitchen, teaching area (see the two large work tables in above diagram), storage area and computer lab.

#3.  So when I shared this info with Alejandro (Alex), our web master, there was spontaneous combustion!  He contacted his architect and Chemical engineer friend, Hugo from Mexico.  The two of them flew down to Ecuador at the end of June for 10 days.  After doing their due diligence, i.e. touring various high schools, meeting with now the 4th Director of Education and having community meetings in Malingua, Hugo produced the above design.  AND WORK BEGAN!

I am proud to tell you that Elvia Ante is our Supervisor.  She has been sending me photos.

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