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In Alice Springs: A Boat Race without Water

by Carol L Steen

President, Rotary eClub One 2010-2011

Each August, the three Rotary Clubs in Alice Springs sponsor the exciting Henley-on-Todd Regatta which features events such as boat races, bath tub derbies, yacht races, boogie board and ski races. The day ends with a large-vessel battle spectacular.

The only catch is this: the Henley-on-Todd river is usually a dry bed river. In fact, if water is flowing, the event is cancelled.

For over fifty years, the Rotary clubs of Alice Springs have planned and executed this fundraising event. Charitable groups and non-profits benefit also by selling food and drinks to the crowds that gather at the dry, sandy riverbed that is lined by river red gum trees and surrounded by the majestic MacDonnell Ranges.

Who says you need water for a boat race, anyway?

The Henley-on-Todd is a joint project of

1.The Rotary Club of Mbantua2.The Rotary Club of Alice Springs3.The Rotary Club of Stuart



  • Before this year’s Rotary International Convention in Sydney, Australia, several Rotary eClub One members and others from District 5450 spent an exciting five days touring the Red Centre from Yulara to Alice Springs. In Alice Springs, they attended a Rotary Club of Alice Springs meeting and met many of the organizers and participants of the Henley-On-Todd Regatta
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