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Clear Rounds for Clean Water

One Rotary eClub One Member Makes a Difference
originally published in 2009

Definition: A "clear round" is a term used in horse sports when a horse and rider team have jumped all the obstacles in a course without knocking any down or refusing to jump any obstacle. 

Editor's Note: Below is an introduction to member JoJo White's project and its mission. You can visit her website at to learn more.
by Jo Jo White
Founder of Clear Rounds for Clean Water

At least 1.1 billion people lack access to a supply of safe water, and 2.4 billion lack access to basic sanitation.  Every year millions of people, mostly children, die from diseases associated with unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene.  Each day, some 6,000 children die for want of clean water and sanitation. 

Clear Rounds for Clean Water is solely dedicated to providing charitable funding for the Rotary International Global Safe, Clean Water Initiative.  We want to play a major part in reducing the appalling number of people who currently do not have access to safe, clean water. 

The equestrian community is blessed with generous resources and equally generous hearts.  A top rated horse show or a horse show series can be anywhere in the world and can last as long several weeks. To bring together the fact of global need for safe, clean water, the equestrian and the equestrian sport spectator we have created Clear Rounds for Clean Water. 

For over a 100 years Rotary International has a history of successful humanitarian service projects worldwide.  With Rotary International as our recipient and our partner in Clear Rounds for Clean Water, the Rotary International Matching Grant program will be able to combine our funding with matching grants from the Rotary Foundation and other organizations enabling our dollars to become 1 ½ to 3 times greater than the original amount.

          We are also totally committed to providing the 21st century horse and rider combination with the type of competition that will be tremendous fun for the competitor and great horse sport entertainment for the spectator.   We are producing horse shows that will be all-inclusive for every level of horse and rider.  The quality of our horse shows is established and we have set our monetary funding goal very high for the Rotary International Global Safe, Clean Water Initiative. 
          Everyone and anyone can help us achieve our goals.  It doesn� t matter where you are in the world or if you� ve never even seen a horse, let alone like them or like to watch competitions, you can help and you can contribute, and we need you.

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