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Creation of Water Service in Tamil Nadu, India

Installing a water tank (Sintex Plastic) and give pipeline connections for the providing water to the people of Village Sukkavali, in Tamil Nadu –India.

Sponsored by Rotary eClubOne, Dist.5450, CO USA.

Purpose: To Provide Drinking Water with the help of 2000 liter capacity Plastic Water Tank to the families of Sukkavali Village Community in Tamil Nadu – India.

Background: Sukkavali is a backward Village Community lived in darkness since 1946 till 2009. eClub One Member Isaac learning about the village made personal visit to this village in 2006.  Announced this village to his the then Manapparai Rotary club in Dist.3000 as “Rotary’s Dream Village for Development” and influencing the Government of India and that of the State to provide Power and got a Bore well drilled in 2009. Manapparai Rotary Club supported this village with a 1000-liter Sintex (Plastic) tank is unable to provide sufficient water to the 100 families widely spread in the entire village. Hence, using the eClub One’s CSG Project, another water tank of 2000-liter capacity is installed with sufficient taps with required pipeline for the children and all families have sufficient water.


The Project: Rotary eClubOne having one of its member Isaac Arulappan as the Champian of the Project through the Cooperating Organization namely DKSHA by identifying the water needs of the children and families of Village Sukkavali in the State of Tamil Nadu in South India. The said need requested by this village community is now fulfilled by purchasing a Water Tank, pipe lines, and all other building materials to place this tank in a common place donated by this village community.  The water for filling this Tank is made available from the existing bore well drilled by the local Government for the use of this village Community.

How the Granted Amount was utilized:
The Community Service Grant US.$.500 received from Rotary eClubOne has been put in use to procure the building materials for building a stage to place/fix the Plastic Water Tank, required pipes, taps, digging long pits to lay the water pipes under the ground, to pay to the JCB for digging and filling the mud, transportation of the project materials to the village etc

Participation by eClubOne Member: Member Isaac, the Champion of the Project sponsored by Rotary eClubOne was available from the starting process till the inaugural function of the opening of the Water Tank held in the village on 16th March 2016.  He also encouraged the local Rotary Club President, and interested members of Vaiyampatti Club. One Rotarian namely Chinnaiah got the voluntary services of the RCC members available in this village community that enabled all works move smoothly.

Participation by the Local Rotarians:  The President and 7 other members from the local club namely Vaiyampatti, Dist.3000 presented themselves for the water tank inaugural function.  The President of the Vaiyampatti Club M.Mohamed Mustafa was the chief guest of the function who opened the new water tank by cutting ribbon for the benefit of the villagers.  Joined him were the Club’s Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 more Rotarians including the RCC members.

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