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I Think I Finally Get It!

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I think I finally get it!

After chairing or co-chairing every major fund raiser over my past 15 Rotary years I have come to a conclusion.

John E. Martin II stands in front of display at a District 7390 ConferenceWorking with fellow Rotarians to garner resources to give back to the many many causes of the Elizabethtown Rotary, Pennsylvania USA District 7390 is one of my greatest joys in Rotary. For my entire Rotary career and before (while helping my father set up Christmas Tree Sales and other Rotary Projects) I have made fund raising goals and have pushed hard (at times too hard) to surpass these goals annually.

I have always felt that more attention should have been given to me for my successes, but I now know that it isn't about me, it is about Rotary and those that we serve with and for. Humility has been a difficult concept for me to grasp.

Anonymity is what we should strive for; after all, we are many working together as a group to achieve great things for all people. We must all give back in whatever way we can. My gift has been to persuade others that Rotary causes are worth investment. All the accolades should be given to those concerned individuals and corporations that give!

In Service Above Self

John E Martin II
Elizabethtown Rotary 1st Vice President 

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