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I am sure, all of you must have heard about the Great Merchant of Italy, a History Writer and Explorer Marco Polo who travel across the Globe and discovered many hidden Roads and mainly the Silk Road between Constantinople (Today’s Istanbul) and China through Ancient Indian Peninsula.

But, I am sure; none of you must have heard about Marco Polo of Rotary!!

Let me share some information about him…

Rotary was slowly growing in USA and Canada after 1905 and one by one, many cities were chartering or sponsoring New Rotary Clubs. This was within USA. First Rotary Club outside USA was in Canada, Rotary Club of Winnipeg in 1910 and thus Rotary became International!

After chartering Winnipeg Rotary Club, the real journey of Rotary at International Level started. By 1920, many Rotary Clubs formed in Europe including London, Glasgow, Paris, Dublin and Belfast.

In addition, all this was possible after a Dedicated Rotarian Named James Wheeler Davidson from Calgary, Canada motivated Europeans and Asians to start Rotary in Europe.

Rotary Club of Manila (1st June 1919) was the first to get Charter in Asia and soon after that was Rotary Club of Calcutta (Kolkata) on 1st January 1920.

Rtn. James travelled all across India and rest of Asia with promoting Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai), Lahore (Today in Pakistan).

Rtn. James was instrumental in promoting Rotary in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Southern Europe, Egypt, Siam and British India!!

Due to this Rtn. James Wheeler Davidson is known as Marco Polo of Rotary!!


Enjoy Rotary, Spread Rotary



(Note from Rotarian Raveshia: This is extract of History of Rotary in India, I have modified some sentence, corrected spellings and Grammar)

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