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Food Aid Project in Nigeria | 2021

October 8, 2021

eClub One Service Project – Project Report/Summary

Rotary eClub One members support service projects, and the global nature of Rotary eClub One means the Club has opportunities for service projects in many countries. Because each service project is unique and spearheaded by individual eClub One members, each report/summary has a slightly different form.    Below is a report/summary of a recently-completed service project supported by the Club. 

The funds for the Club’s service projects are available thanks Rotary eClub One’s Make-up Program and the generous Rotarians who utilize the program.


Beneficiaries: Four communities in Kwara and Osun state with over five hundred (500) beneficiaries.

Donations of food palliatives to over 500 beneficiaries in Ara,Alasan, offa and ilorin communities of Osun and kwara states respectively.

Beneficiaries includes;

* Private school teachers that are so much affected in this ongoing global pandemic as they receives no salaries or allowances for over four months.

* Retirees that are suffering from lack of gratuity cum entitlements to carter for themselves and families.

* Aged persons and widows that lacks support to feed themselves and kids.

Point of attraction:

* One of the Traditional ruler of one of the communities, Alara of Ara (Dr. Olubayo Adesola Windapo) said;

"Rotary has done more than the government supporting people in this pandemic period, and we have never had it this eleborate before in Ara kingdom, we are very grateful"

* Mr. Olubayo Adio, one of the beneficiaries from Alasan community who is a private school teacher said "#COVID19 took away our means of living, for over six months we lived in pains, agony and severe hunger with no one to care for us. With this kind gesture, we are greatly indebted to #Rotary. God bless them more abundantly "

It was a great event as beneficiaries say words of prayers to Rotary International for coming to their aid at this unpalatable situation.


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