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New Zealand Rotary Club's Fundraiser Reached Around the Globe

A Rotarian in Hamilton, New Zealand, initiated a unique fundraiser in Hamilton, New Zealand. After contacting towns and cities around the world named Hamilton, he received and compiled information and photos for publication.

By RotarianTim Brooker

Rotary Club of Hamilton East, District 9930

     The inspiration for a book about Hamiltons of the World came about because Hamilton East Rotary Club needed a major fundraiser and I felt there had to be a way of utilising the other Hamilton Rotary Clubs around the world, especially as Hamilton, New Zealand is about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its formation and current name.

     When I first emailed seventeen clubs in ten Hamiltons how little I knew where the journey would take me. Ultimately I located over one hundred and twenty Hamiltons on six continents and while some are simply listed at the end of each section I have managed, with the help largely of Rotary Clubs around the World, to include around eighty Hamiltons in the main text.

From the big cities such as Hamilton, Ontario to the small communities such as Hamilton, Virginia and from Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda to the holiday idyll of Hamilton Island, Queensland we have included some marvelous images.

What a story Hamiltons of the World turned out to be!

The story has links with, in no particular order - The Chattanooga Choo Choo; A Dutch canal in Sri Lanka; The origins of the game of Cricket; Western Forts and Ghost Towns in the USA; A Mountain in Antarctica; A group of Korean Islands; The 1860 New Zealand Wars; A Bishop in the Czech Republic and many other interesting tales.


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