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EAT.......Something for everyone and everything for someone

by Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan

If something was on everyone's lips suddenly for almost a month,
it was EAT EAT and EAT.
If scores of Rotarians and Rotaractors were burning the midnight oil for about three months, it was to gift Chennai the largest street food festival on the beach.
If something had captured everyone's attention for almost a month,it was ROTARY.
If something kept everyone pondering about for almost a month,
it was the 360 degrees campaign about EAT ( Enjoy Arusuvai Thiruvizha).
If everyone was tuning into ZEE TAMIL and FM many Times a day, it was the EAT jingles.
If everyone was humming something sweet as the EAT delicacies, it was 'eat chennai eat'.
If all obstacles were being converted to golden opportunities, it was the tireless efforts of Rotarians and Rotaractors to promote a noble cause in unison.
If something is still lingering in every heart,
it is Rotary's synergy demonstrated in manning about 64000 visitors on three evenings for five plus hours each.
If something is being highly appreciated, it is the hygiene and cleanliness maintained all through in the EAT food and the beach by the Rotarians, Rotaractors and Exnora.
If something is going to remain on the Top of Minds for another few months,
it would be the 100 + authentic tastes of food all under one roof at Elliot's Beach, Chennai, prepared by 150 chefs from all over India.
If something is going to be reverberating in Chennai's nook and corners in this festival season, it would be the way the food fest EAT rocked Chennai.
If  something is going to be remembered forever, it is EAT that had touched not just the taste buds but the hearts too.
If something has left behind the feel of wanting more, it is EAT because every visitor was valued as though it was a family wedding.
If something is going to linger for years in these hearts, it will be ROTARY, Rotary's good work and our special initiative, HAPPY VILLAGE.
If something is going to remain unmatched,  it is Chennai's weekend with a difference.
If we all have something to rejoice, it is the objective of taking ROTARY to all our near and dear having been successfully achieved.
If we can feel awed anytime, it is our 360 deg campaign on TV, FM, Newspapers, Hoardings, Bus shelter panels, Welcome boards ' Goodbye Polio,,Thank you Rotary'.
If we have to thank someone, it is the rain god, for having spared the seaside celebration without inundation.
If something needs to be patted for creating a historical sensation, it is our own selves for our solidarity and commitment to Rotary.
If something needs to be repeated again, it is the most talked about event, EAT

NOTE: In this poem, Rotary eClub One member, Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan, shares her experience helping to organizing a Rotary PR event in India.

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