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by Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan

Where there is darkness, Rotary shares light.
Where there is loneliness, Rotary shares love.

Where there is illiteracy, Rotary shares education.
Where there is ignorance, Rotary shares knowledge.

Where there are problems, Rotary shares solutions.
Where there is enmity, Rotary shares friendship.

Where there are unearthed talents, Rotary shares opportunities.
Where there are needs, Rotary shares new horizons of living.

Where there is a tear, Rotary shares smiles.
Where there is a distance, Rotary shares the miles.

Where there is pain, Rotary shares the agony.
Where there is gain, Rotary shares the joy.

Where there are achievers, Rotary shares the compliments.
Where there are failures, Rotary shares success supplements.

Where there are orphans, Rotary shares the family.
Where there are elders, Rotary shares time.

Where there is childhood, Rotary shares values of life.
Where there is youth, Rotary shares the ladder of leadership.

Where there is unemployment, Rotary shares career choices.
Where there is lack of awareness, Rotary shares vocational training.

Where there is despair, Rotary shares hope.
Where there is depression, Rotary shares inspiration.

Where there is weakness, Rotary shares strength.
When there is chaos, Rotary shares harmony.

Where there is illness, Rotary shares curing.
Where there are disabilities, Rotary shares ability.

Where there are contingencies, Rotary shares might.
Where there is poverty, Rotary shares ways to wealth.

Where there is nothing, Rotary shares something.
Where there is everything,
Rotary sources it and shares it with those who have nothing.

NOTE: Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan is a member of Rotary eClub One.

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