Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

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Rotary eClub One Supports Projects Worldwide

         Rotary eClub One continues to support people and projects throughout the world. Here are descriptions of just three projects the club and its members assist through financial and personal involvement.


Rotary eClub One Sends Monetary Support to Newton Rotary Foundation

Sandy Hook School Fund


            Rotary eClub One and more than 260 Rotary Clubs have contributed a combined total of over $100,000 to the Sandy Hook (Connecticut) School Fund through the Newtown Rotary Club and its Foundation. Currently that fund stands at over $600,000. 


         The action plan of the foundation is to assist


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·       <!--[endif]-->families of the slain students, faculty and administration

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·       <!--[endif]-->Sandy Hook School students and their families

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·       <!--[endif]-->Sandy Hook School faculty and administration

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·       <!--[endif]-->First responders of 12/14

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·       <!--[endif]-->Counseling agencies providing free or reduced cost services to the parties noted above


Updated information can be found on the club's website:



Rotary eClub One Member Helps

Young Girl and Her Family


Rotary eClub One Member Monica Perez de Larraya of Navarra, Spain, has initiated a bottle cap program to help a toddler and her family. 



Helping Nerea


by Monica Perez de Larraya



Nerea is a girl of 16 months with a motor and intellectual underdevelopment. She has an alteration in the chromosome 7. This alteration is of an unknown nature.  At 18 months, she had the development of a 6 month old from physical to intellectual. She has to be fed artificially through a gastric catheter as she cannot get anything through her mouth.


Nerea's parents are seeking an answer to the cause of her under-development, and they seek treatment.

The way her parents collect money for her care is through bottle caps, as these can be recycled; for each cap they can get a small amount of money.  I have put in my workplace a couple of boxes so that people can put their caps in. Myself, I put all the caps I have in the box, but since I live by myself I have few caps.  Since I'm a Rotarian, I feel I can do much more.



More information about Nerea can be found at

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Rotary E-Club One

Community Service Grant




Each year, Rotary E-Club One distributes funds to members' communities through Community Service Grants. This is another of the many grants that have been funded. This grant was requested by member John Henry.


Jennyruth Workshops, North Yorkshire, UK


Laptops for people with learning disabilities


The Jennyruth Workshops provide adults with learning disabilities opportunity to gain confidence, skills and increased happiness. Together everyone learns more. Some examples of achievements for Jennyruth participants with learning disabilities include:


Jonathan carried the Paralympic torch in London past St Paul's Cathedral. He explains,  "I was very proud and really pleased to be given the opportunity to carry the Paralympic Torch. I was carrying the torch for all my colleagues and friends who I work with at Jennyruth Workshops, and all people with learning disabilities, to let the world know that we can achieve many things if given the chance. What a proud moment it was for me. It was a great honour and I got to meet Jon Snow! And guess what, I was given my torch as a gift. Thank you to all who supported me."


We took part in a workshop about teamwork run by Gayle Partridge (IRYS Ltd) - 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. Being part of the team is so important here and 'Teamwork' is our motto. Since then everybody has taken part in making their own self portrait out of wood, drawing, cutting out and painting our beautiful faces!




As part of a design group here at the workshops, Lydia had an idea to make some skittles (ninepins). The group researched, designed and made skittles for Ripon Guides who took them to a school in Mexico. We received some very positive feedback:  "Thank you very much for the skittles you donated for the VAMOS children. They were beautiful and the children really liked them. The children found them so much fun and were really happy to find out they were able to keep them and use them again."



In May the whole workshop visited Rural Arts in Thirsk to experience some new crafts and skills. These included making ceramic tiles, which we then mounted and are now on display in the mess room, and collography (print-making). Later, Rick visited Jennyruth to show us how to make mosaics.



Thank you again for your very kind donation from the E-Club one. This donation has been put towards a fund to enable us to buy 3 laptops. These are a valuable addition to our Workshops as we are currently able to teach ICT skills to our workers by using computer resources on these laptops, such as CD -ROMS which enable us to teach numeracy and literacy including money skills. The Workers enjoy using the laptops and we feel they are learning new and valuable skills and will continue to do so.


Additional information about the Jennyruth Workshop program can be found at:







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