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Robotics and Basketball Integrated Program

Robotics and Basketball Integrated Program

Rotarian Aisha Musa’s Program


Friday, June 8, 2018 | Day 1:

We had 73 registered participants in total from various schools such as Firm base, frangeorgia, Nigerian Tulip international college, ISL, Carrony Montessori, University of Lagos staff school, Rainbow college.


We had five (5) stations which were (Robotics & programming, Mathematics, passing, bouncing and shooting).


Mathematics included Free throws percentage and Probability. The kids also built robots and were excited to learn more. We had 5 coaches, 1 head coach, 5 Robotics instructors, 3 welfare/administrative volunteers and 6 other volunteers (assistants).

We used the outdoor basketball court and started at 10 am. Everything went well, we only had issues with top sizes, but they were well managed. We closed the program at 3 pm and we took inventory of all items. Nothing was missing.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 |Day 2:

We continued with the basketball and the robotics program. The lead Robotic Instructor added programming to the built robots on laptop and EV3. We had more participants and also a school (bright park schools) brought their students. Total number of participants on Day 2 was 86. Participants were able to play full court games among themselves and also learnt a lot. We took group pictures and ended the program at 3:30pm. We presented the participants with their program certificates after the program in the robotics room .

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