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Rotary and Electronic Communications: A Timeline

September 20, 2021

Rotary and Electronic Communications A TimeLine

 Updated August 29, 2021


When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or a magazine, or turned on the radio or the TV and didn't hear or see "For further information, be sure to visit our web site at '' (or something similar)?" I seriously doubt that any of us can remember back that far! Our senses are constantly being bombarded by this type of information. It cannot be avoided. It has become an integral and important part of our daily lives as well as our culture. It is EVERYWHERE!! It has changed the way we communicate, the way we do research, the way we do business, even the way we make purchases and perform such mundane and onerous tasks as doing our taxes! It has impacted our Politics and become a vehicle for ridicule, invasion of privacy, identity theft, personal safety, bullying, trolling, etc. etc. etc. In retrospect, it is hard to remember when it all began, but somehow we sense that it has been around forever (which actually it hasn’t), it just seems that way.


Think back 25-30 years (depending on your age)! Better yet, go to the public library (or dig into their online digital archives) and look up a newspaper or a magazine dated 25 -30years ago or look into “Google Books / The Rotarian” on Google and go back 30+ years. Thumb through it and make a list of all of the references to web sites or Email addresses.


What's that you say? You can't find any? Don't be surprised. The Internet as we know it today, will celebrate its 31st birthday in November of 2021. That's right . . . the Internet was "invented" (and that is the accurate term) just 31 years ago and during that brief period of time, this new means of communication has had the most dramatic growth of any entity known to mankind in all of recorded history. Even those who work with this rapidly evolving medium find this to be truly remarkable as well as highly challenging.


Rotary's growth and use of ECOMM

As the Internet has grown, so has Rotary's use of everything related to Electronic Communications. In particular, Rotary's presence on the Internet has established a new level of club interaction and international service. It has completely changed the manner in which Rotary does business on a day to day basis. Change has happened but it was slow (much too slow for those who quickly embraced this new form of communication) but it did come and has changed our organization forever. Today, Paul Harris would not recognize our organization. However, as a “forward thinker” I believe he would not only be amazed he would also approve. In all likelihood, as a visionary, if he were with us today, he would probably be an early adopter.

 "By combining the legacy of Rotary's PAST 

With the technology of the PRESEN

We are building Rotary for the FUTURE"

This is the legacy of Rotary and Electronic Communications" 

Harriett Schloer
Rotary District 5110
September 1995


Rotary Timeline in the use of Electronic Communications



-    Birth of the World Wide Web at the CERN Institute in Switzerland. Its

creator was

Tim Berners-Lee.



-    Rotary makes its first appearance on the WWW with the posting of the following web sites:

-    Unofficial Guide to Rotary (UK). No longer online ?      First Rotaract Site (Germany)


-    First Rotary District web site appears. District 7770 (Bluffton, So, Carolina)

-    200 Additional club, district & Rotaract sites appear.


-    Official Rotary International Web Site launches on 1/1/96 ?      340 additional Rotary Web Sites are added


-    Additional 1000+ Rotary sites added


-    RI web site redesigned and expanded to reflect rapidly increasing growth in Rotary’s use of the Internet.


-    The Rotarian” magazine and Rotary World” magazine go online on the RI web site and are made available in multiple languages.


-     Frank J. Devlyn, launches first RI Presidential web site and becomes first RI President to exclusively use Email for worldwide communications.

-    23 Rotary Task Forces launch individual web sites. Results are an overwhelming worldwide increase in partnering on projects of all types and the submission of requests for matching grants from The Rotary Foundation. For the first time in the history of Rotary, The Rotary Foundation is unable to match all of the requests because the World Fund allocation for the year was fully committed.

-    Number of Rotary web sites double during President Devlyn’s year as Rotary goes electronic”


-    Third Version of RI web site introduced on Rotary’s Birthday on February 23 during the International Assembly where all Governors-Elect were being trained.

-    RI begins “doing business” on the web with the opening of the RI Member Access Portal (MAP) for clubs to add members, terminate members and update member information.

-    Online registration for all Rotary International meetings became a reality including the annual Rotary International Conventions.

-    RI formally adopts email as its primary form of communications.

-    Rotarians worldwide can register to receive email from RI, various Rotary committees and the President on a regular basis.


-    Complete RI Catalog of supplies, printed brochures, etc. added to web for online purchasing.

-    RI continues to enhance” the MAP by adding more items for club and personal use

-    First Internet based Rotary Club promoted by Rotary International and it was in R I District 5450 with name: “Rotary eClub One” with Charter President Rtn. John Minter.





-    RI Purchases Clubmate” Software, renames it RI-CAS (RI Club Administration Software) and offers it free of charge via download for all Rotary clubs worldwide. Thousands of clubs jumped at the opportunity.


-    Majority of all official RI publications and forms are posted to the RI Download centre in PDF format for immediate use by all Rotarians and clubs


-    Update to RI-CAS software with enhancements ?      Additional features added to the MAP

-    Rotary Centennial Web Site Launched in preparation of the upcoming events

-    eLearning Center goes online

-    Daily updates posted during 2004 Council on Legislation

-    District Governors and Governors-Elect are able to participate in “forums” with their classmates worldwide to discuss Rotary issues. All forms related to the DG year are made available in the DG / DGE forum area.

-    Numerous companies become Rotary Licensees offering Rotary Club and District web sites with many features to run club or district operations: (Club Runner, Club Web Source, etc.)


-    New search engine added to RI web site in order to increase search capabilities

-    Daily news items posted on home page to keep members up to date on current RI activities. This replaces the former “Rotary News Basket”, a weekly text only service that was discontinued (Note: it took 10 years for this to happen!)

-    Online registration now fully active for all official Rotary meetings and events (ie: Institutes, Peace Seminars, Conventions, etc.)

-    MatchingGrants.Org web site (not official web site) launches to provide partnering opportunities for Rotary Foundation Matching Grants


-    Daily convention updates posted during the 2006 Copenhagen convention. ?      DGEs take preliminary course work online prior to attending the

International Assembly in San Diego.

-    RI Interactive” is launched on the RI web site and delivered via email to all who subscribe.

-    Numerous monthly newsletters are now delivered by RI via email directly to those Rotarians who have registered to receive them.


-    RI begins RSS feeds for individuals who want to receive daily updates from the RI website in a graphic format via email.

-    The Public Relations newsletter (monthly) goes all electronic and is delivered in graphic format via email to all registered users.

-    April - Once again, the Council on Legislation’s daily results are posted on the web, keeping Rotarians worldwide up to date on how our organization is being changed through our legislative process.



-    October - The RI web site undergoes a major revision to its design and operation. This new web site, including a fully redesigned search engine was launched by RI in late 2007. The new site contained many features not previously offered including: Full site available in all of the official Rotary languages; an expanded download center; a full photo library for download; numerous videos for information, marketing, and recruiting materials, to name just a few.

-    The new Polio Plus Web Site is launched

-    Provisions are made to contribute to polio and The Rotary Foundation online using a credit card.


-    August - RIs MAP is updated to improve privacy and security and to also give individual Rotarians greater accessibility to their personal information and club officers (President and Secretary) greater access to club information for more efficient operation

-    September – RI discontinues support for RI-CAS online and shuts down the RI-CAS online server

-    December – RI removes the free RI-CAS software download from the RI web site. The software is also removed from the RI catalogue. Discontinuation was due to the unanticipated cost of supporting the software (free of charge) to the 10% of the Rotary clubs worldwide that were using it. As a result, clubs migrated to RI Software Vendors such as Club Runner who offered excellent programs at a reasonable annual fee (depending on the size of the club) for full service. Clubs quickly adopted these resources realizing that they were able to provide much more on their websites with the help of Club Runner, et all.


-    Club Treasurers and Club TRF Chairs are given “enhanced access” to the MAP so they can download essential club reports and information.

-    Rotary establishes a presence on YouTube, Linked in, Twitter, and FaceBook all of which become the fastest growing communications elements in Rotary’s history.

-    The MAP receives additional enhancements by providing district leaders with Rotary Foundation SHARE reports covering the past 8 years.

-    RI web team “reorganizes” the web site navigation system and adds a new area covering the Rotary Foundation Future Vision Plan.

-    The home page is updated with a new daily news” format. Each day, the web staff posts news items of interest and posts important club notifications on the home page.

-    Rotary begins using weekly/monthly “broadcast email” directly to members who have signed up to receive these messages. These include the Weekly RI Update, the Public Relations Newsletter; the Polio Newsletter; the Future Vision Newsletter, the Membership Newsletter; the World Community Service Newsletter. There are others as well. Members only need to register to receive them on a regular basis and thus be informed of the latest Rotary news.



-    Rotary collaborates with Google on The Rotarian” magazine. The entire historical archive of “The Rotarian” magazine is made available to Google and is made available on Google Books beginning with the very first issue of the magazine.


-    RI redesigns the MAP to make it more user friendly and give clubs more access to historical membership information.

-    Additional features are added to the MAP for use by the District and Club Rotary Foundation Chairs

-    New accounts are established on YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter to expand Rotary’s exposure in all areas of social networking.

-    A full library of Rotary videos is uploaded to YouTube and Rotary establishes its own Channel on YouTube

-    The onlineRotary Minute” in video format is launched and changed on a monthly basis to better inform non-Rotarians about Rotary.

-    All RI printed publications, including training guides and materials for Rotary Officers and Committee leaders are posted to the web site in PDF format for download and printing

-    All of the Humanity in Motion PSA’s are made available for online viewing including all of the videos

-    The 2010 Council on Legislation officially approves Rotary eClubs

-     The 2010 Council on Legislation approves allowing Rotarians to choose to receive The Rotarian magazine electronically rather than in printed format.

-    As The Rotary Foundation’s Future Vision Plan begins its Pilot phase, all of the 100 pilot districts were selected after completing an extensive online application using the MAP.

-    The Rotary Foundation launches the new online Global Grant and District Grant application forms for use by the 100 pilot districts, thus starting what will become the only means of applying for Foundation grants when all districts join the Future Vision program on 7/1/13.

-    Rotary launches the all electronic “Rotary Leader magazine which is completely interactive but can be downloaded in PDF format for replication and use by club and district leaders.

-    The RI web site expands the “New Generations” area of the site to recognize this new Fifth Avenue of Service.

-    In November, ClubRunner, DACdb, and other authorized Rotary software vendors announce they have collaborated with RI to gain access to club and district membership databases. This collaboration now means that when Secretaries update club membership in ClubRunner, etc., the RI database is also updated (or vice versa). This means that now a single entry is all that is needed to add or terminate members or make changes to member records. (2021 Update: Eleven years after this was implemented, the system still has bugs and dual need to be confirmed by club officers in order to ensure that the individual member accounts in the official Rotary International Membership Database is accurate and has all of each Rotarian’s information.)



 Rotary club central is launched making it possible for clubs to input all of

            their goals for the year and track them throughout the year. This includes                    goals for membership, TRF giving, Polio giving, service projects and communications, etc.

-         Rotary Showcase is launched making it possible for clubs to “showcase” their community and international service projects. Photos can be uploaded as well as the complete story” of the project to be shared with all Rotary clubs worldwide.



-    After more than two years of work by a team of internet design specialists and hundreds of interviews with Rotarians who use the RI web site, on August 25, 2013 latest version of the RI web site launched. Here are some of its new and very unique features:

o The home page is a portal” that offers visitors two options:

       o (1) allows non-Rotarian visitors to visit one portion of the site that was  specifically designed to introduce them to Rotary

o (2) the MyRotary section for Rotarians gives members access to many areas of the entire web site that are not available to the general public. Upon registering to use the site, Rotarians will have access to all of the features that the site offers.

o The MAP is no longer a separate area of the web site. Instead it has been incorporated into each individual’s MyRotary account which is based on the member’s office(s) in Rotary and their Rotary interests. It will adjust and change as the individual uses the site as it will “remember” which areas the individual uses most often.

o A Rotary Discussion Group area has been set up for clubs, districts, and Global Networking Groups to set up groups. These groups can be either public or private (by invitation only). This area of the site will evolve as the groups become populated.

o Finally with the launch of The Rotary Foundation’s New Grant Model         (NGM) on 7/1/13, districts and clubs will now complete all of their grant applications online and submit reports online.


-    With change in the “Rotary Master Brandand Rotary’s extensive focus on Public Image, the new Rotary web site has continued to grow and evolve with more and more information becoming available. Recent additions include:

-    Rotary Brand Center that centralizes all of the new Brand materials for clubs and districts to use in promoting Rotary and recruiting new members. Numerous templates have been developed which allows clubs to create business cards, stationary, newsletters, tri-fold brochures, billboards, etc. for PR purposes.

-    RI now hosts numerous webinars each month to training and update members on membership, public relations, grants, corporate decisions, etc. All webinars are archived and can be accessed after the fact for online viewing/listening by interested Rotarians.

-    The new “Learning Center has been established to train Rotarians in a variety of areas for club and district leaders and members.


-    A greatly enhanced MyRotary home page that automatically changes its content based on the manner in which each Rotarian uses the RI web site.

-    The Global Rewards program was launched which gives Rotarians discounts on an every growing number and variety of items.


-    Rotary Foundation Centennial Web Site Posted

-     MyRotary Home Page expanded to include more Rotary links and information based on individual Rotarians’ use of the web site

-   A greatly enhanced Prospective Member page was established that enables Rotary International and Rotary Districts to forward inquiries from potential members to Rotary clubs in the specific area where the prospective member lives.

-    With the massive changes implemented at the 2016 Council on Legislation, a significant amount of Rotary documents were deleted from the web site and replaced with new versions all of which were formatted in the new Master Theme. This has created continuity across all areas of Rotary . . . Membership, Public Image, Youth Service, Organization, and The Rotary Foundation.

-    With the input from Rotarians Worldwide, the entire navigation system of the RI web site (The Blue Bar at the top of every page) was redesigned to more accurately reflect the numerous changes implemented by the COL. In addition, the entire site’s navigation system was reorganized to coincide with the manner in which Rotary Clubs and Districts are organized and operate, thereby making it easier for Rotarians to locate the information they are seeking. This input from Rotarians brought a greater understanding as to how Rotary at the Club and District level actually works as opposed to way in which the Non-Rotarian web site designers

believed that it should work. There is still work to be done, but it is greatly improved.

-    The Council on Legislation passed legislation that eliminates the term “eClub”. Now all clubs are standard Rotary” clubs whether they are “terra” clubs or “online” clubs. This was done to show the importance and impact that “eClubs” have had on Rotary membership over the past 10 years.


-    Rotary Club Central is given a complete makeover and upgrade which is faster, better organized, includes more information and provides club members with the opportunity to incorporate extensive information that can be utilized to achieve the Rotary Citation. There is also a Citation Dashboard that can be downloaded to keep track of the club’s progress toward completing the Citation requirements.

-    Rotary Grants Center: Rotary rolled out an entirely new section of the web site devoted to Rotary Grants (Global, District and Packaged). The site is filled with tools to assist Rotarians in the grant process. Clubs and Districts are finding the new site to be a much needed resource that was long overdue


-   Throughout the year, the Rotary Brand Center continued to expand with new resources. In August, a new section called People of Action” was added to the center with materials that can be used for the new People of Action” public image campaign. Over time, it will be populated with numerous graphics, brochures (that can be customized), videos and other materials that can help clubs implement this new campaign to better explain what Rotary is and what we do..


-    Rotary Club Central receives another massive upgrade which is even faster, easier to use, more comprehensive and very user friendly.

-    Rotary Citation is the new name for the Presidential Citation. It has its own dashboard which automatically links to Rotary Club Central, Rotary Showcase, The Rotary Foundation, and the Rotary Membership database thereby tracking all of the goals as posted in RCC and automatically entering them into each club’s Rotary Citation form for the year. In addition, data can be added and updated until June 30 of each year to ensure that all of the citation requirements can be fulfilled.

-    The new Rotary Learning Center was launched at the end of August with a completely new interactive interface. There are a multitude of courses which are available on almost every topic you can think of in Rotary. It is robust, comprehensive, and very well designed. The courses vary in terms of the amount of time it will take to complete each one, but most are less than 30 minutes. Upon completion, students can evaluate the course and are then awarded a certificate of completion that can be downloaded. If there is one drawback to the new RLC it is that the courses rely heavily on PowerPoint with no voice over narrative. Some videos are included but they are currently limited. Hopefully more will be added in the future.

-    The Discussion Groups were completely redesigned and the database was “cleaned up. Many of the groups had been dormant for more than a year and after contacting the group “leader” almost all of these were deleted. The groups now have discussion threads grouped by topic. There are several other changes but they are much more user friendly and easier to navigate.

-    Additional features were added to the MAP to assist club officers in their work. The MAP is an ever-changing portal because as Rotary changes so do the MAP requirements.


-    The Learning Center continued to grow as the RI staff created additional training programs

-    Rotary Club Central continued to expand access to the Rotary Database to provide more historical club data

-    Webinars covering membership, TRF grants, Public Image People of Action”, etc. are being held on a regular basis. They are recorded so they can be viewed later if Rotarians are not able to attend the live broadcast.

-    The Rotary Citation is now being automatically tracked by RI using Rotary Club Central. In other words, all of the requirements for earning the Rotary Citation are now part of the club goals in Rotary Club Central. Once the clubs enter their goals in each of the categories and they continue to update their progress in these categories throughout the year, the updates are posted to the Rotary Citation (automatically) so the clubs will receive proper credit.



-    Major changes to the Learning Center. With input from Rotarians (including Rotarians participating in the Leadership Academy) the Learning Center was dramatically expanded to include numerous courses that meet Rotary and Rotarian leaders requirements. Such as:

o Training for Governors Nominee 

o Training For Governors Elect

o Training for District Governors

o Grant Management Seminar Training

o Club Recertification (for Global Grants) 

o Is Your Club Healthy

o And many more (check them out and try some of them) 

-      Upgrade to the RI web site and Rotary Club Central

   The first RI Convention to be avirtual convention” (four days) that was fully recorded (due to the pandemic).


Benefits of ECOMM to Rotary



Rotary has realized many benefits from its Internet growth and ever-increasing use of Electronic Communications.


-   Improved Communications: Electronic Communications (ECOMM) has allowed Rotary clubs and Districts to disseminate information quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Through the use of online publishing, items such as the District Directory and the District Governor's Newsletter, Club Directories, etc. can now be "published" online at little or no cost to the club or district. Through the various Rotary web sites, news is quickly made available.


-    Sharing of Projects & Ideas: As clubs have established a presence on the Net, they have showcased their various community and international service projects as well as various effective fund-raising ideas. This information resource has given clubs around the world new ways of offering service and raising money to fund their projects. Several projects such as the "Tree of Joy", Duck Races, "Rose Day" and “Beer Fests” and Wine Cellar Raffles have been replicated by hundreds of clubs around the world.


-    Improved Relationships Among Clubs / Districts: With Email communications, no Club and no Rotarian is "too far away". Distance is not a problem. It is as easy to contact a Rotarian across town as it is one who lives half way around the world. No club need feel that it is "out in the middle of nowhere" with ECOMM that provides nearly "instant" access. Clubs and districts are able to work together easily on Global Grant Projects, plan and organize Vocational Training Teams, increase Youth Exchange participation, further the work of Rotary volunteers, and expand on the work of additional programs such as "Youth Service". All of this can be implemented and accomplished in record time through ECOMM.


-    Further Rotary's Mission and Goals: ECOMM, in particular the Internet, allows Rotary to make its goals and missions visible for the entire world to see as they visit Rotary sites around the world. Through this means of communication, humanitarian efforts of clubs and districts around the world are being broadcast for all to see and hear. As an NGO, Rotary's part in the furthering of world peace and understanding is enhanced and improved through the use of the many new forms of online communication. Even Rotary’s PolioPlus program has benefitted from this type of communication


-    Online Learning: Following the lead of District 5110 which launched its online District Leadership Academy program in 1998, numerous other districts have adopted the program. Curriculum, course work, assignments, discussion groups and exams are all handled online and all materials for the courses are available only online (including printed material from Rotary International, all of which can be downloaded). With District 5110 continuing to lead the way, the Leadership Academies are now hosted on the Canvas LMS platform used by the majority of educational institutions around the world, thereby raising the level of the educational aspects of the Academy program. District’s that are geographically challenged” have found the program to be particularly beneficial in helping to train individuals who will eventually serve at the district level in positions of leadership. In 2006, Rotary District 5010 (Alaska, Yukon Territory and Far East Russia) adopted the Leadership Academy program. In 2007, PDG Vladimir Donskoi (Rotarys first Russian District Governor) translated all of the academy material into Russian and then set up a Russian Academy web site. In 2008 there were 20+ graduates from the Russian Academy; in 2009 there were 40+ graduates; in 2010 there were 80+ graduates and in 2011 40+ individuals graduated from the District 5010 Russian Academy. The program has significantly changed the manner in which Rotary clubs operate in Russia.


-    Eradication of Polio: With Rotary and its GPEI partners being “this close” to eradicating polio, creating awareness worldwide of the need to achieve this goal is being aided through all types of electronic and multi-media communications. The grand illuminations” of the End Polio Now logo on historical landmarks around the world coupled with increased media participation has raised awareness to record levels and it continues to climb. In 2013, Rotary launched an endeavor to create the “Worlds Biggest Commercial. Tens of thousands of Rotarians around the world participated in the This Close to Ending Polio” commercial as well as many non-Rotarians. By the end of the year, the commercial broke the Guinness World Record as the “biggest” commercial as well as creating worldwide awareness of the extensive effort to globally eradicate polio.


-    Social Networking: Since 2008 Rotary’s presence on the various social networking sites (YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has had incredible growth. In fact, Rotary is one of the fastest growing groups in all of the social networks it participates in. This means of communication is targeting the 30-50 year olds who frequent the networks. Using this type of networking, RI hopes to not only grow its membership but do so by increasing its ranks with younger, committed members who will be the foundation for Rotary’s future.


-    TRF’s New Grant Model: On July 1, 2013, The Rotary Foundation’s “New Grant Model” went global. It was the first day of an entirely new way of operating and doing business with The Rotary Foundation and it could not have been achieved without electronic communication. It has been 5 years since the launch and many changes have occurred and will continue to occur in the future.


Electronic communications has had a significant impact on Rotary worldwide during the past 221 years and it will continue to have an even greater impact in the future. It is changing the manner in which Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation operate and do business on a day to day basis. There will always be the hierarchical (top-down) structure of Rotary . . . . International, Zone, District, Club, but because of Electronic Communications the pyramid is being reversed as clubs are now able to more easily and efficiently communicate and work directly with each other - club-to-club - in a rapid and efficient manner to achieve their goals and objectives.


Rotary at the International level (Secretariat / International Headquarters) has taken note of this and the overall impact it is having on the organization and it is adapting to these changes accordingly. That adaptation may be slower than most would prefer, but it is happening and because of it, Rotary is slowly but surely becoming a bottom up” organization.


The 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 Councils on Legislation each passed resolutions that were Internet and/or Technology / communications related. All of these were passed by overwhelming margins. The Council urged the Board of Directors to continue to expand Rotary’s use of Technology, the Internet, and Electronic Communications as it will provide a more efficient method of doing business with substantial cost savings. One item of particular interest in 2001 was the Council’s recommendation to the RI Board that they establish 20 “Cyber Rotary Clubs” as pilot projects to determine the feasibility/viability of such clubs. The first such club was approved by the RI Board in June of 2001 and was chartered in late 2001. It is located in District 5450. It is called Rotary eClub One”. Its address is In addition, the 2004 COL approved “makeupsat eClubs as official Rotary makeups. Rotarians are encouraged to visit an eClub web site, participate in one of their programs and do an official makeup. In August 2002, the Board of Directors issued an International call for 20 more Cyber Clubs to meet the ever-growing need to find new and unique ways to increase membership while at the same time allowing individuals to participate in Rotary who would not otherwise be able due to location, lack of mobility, heavy travel schedules, etc. Today, Rotary eClub One has over 1400 Rotarians worldwide who do make ups on the eClub One web site each and every month! The 2010 Council on Legislation formally approved eClubs as a legitimate form of Rotary club. This resolution passed along with several others that will continue to streamline Rotary and its overall operations through the use of electronic communications.


Now that we are in ourSecond Century of Service”, the face of Rotary is changing. Rotary as a worldwide organization is undergoing a remarkable evolution and a great deal of that evolution and change has been brought about by the impact of Electronic Communications. It is the “new” Rotary and we are all a part of it. Today, the Future of Rotary is in our hands” and as webuild communities and bridge continents” we will do a great deal of it electronically and virtually.

 "By combining the legacy of Rotary's PAST

With the technology of the PRESENT

We are building Rotary for the FUTURE"

This is the legacy of Rotarys Electronic Communications"

Harriett Schloer

Rotary District 511 

September 1995

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