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Rotary eClub One Participates in Global Grant Project in India

Rotary eClub One recently joined with other Rotary Clubs to help fund a Global Grant project to fund the Happy Schools Project.  

The Rotary Club of Poona Midtown, Rotary District 3131 in the state of Maharashtra, India, led the Happy Schools project.  

Rotary eClub One member Makarand Pundalik will travel to the sites after the COVID lockdown has been lifted to see the work firsthand. The project has involved laying 1250 meters of pipeline from the river to a well near one of the schools. 

Below is a report of the progress. 

Recently, we have installed a pump set at an open well for drinking water provision at "Pokhari' school and completed pipeline work from this well to water storage tank at the school. There was some issue of electricity connection due to heavy rains and storm. Instead of three-phase electric supply, we were getting two-phase. We have notified the authority; they will attend the fault within a couple of days. Cleaning of the boundary of this school has been initiated so that we will be providing chain link fencing at the location.

Secondly, we have visited 'Pomgaon' school and collected all relevant measurements, and placed orders for material. By tomorrow, we will be getting all material like pipes, fittings, storage tank, pumpset, cable, etc. We plan to complete work by next week. We will complete this work at the school with providing and fixing equipment in place.

Still in some school locations there are heavy rains so we are not in a position to start civil work of wash rooms etc. It may take some weeks before this can be completed. I will be updating you regarding the same.

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