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Rotary eClub One Community Service Grants

Each year, Rotary eClub One distributes funds to members' communities through Community Service Grants. Three recent grants are outlined here.

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Caring for the Homeless and Needy

A connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg's less fortunate, Siloam Mission is a Christian humanitarian agency offering programs and services at no charge to those experiencing homelessness in the capital city of Manitoba, Canada. Siloam Mission alleviates the hardships of the poor and homeless, assists in transitioning them into self-sufficient and generous lifestyles and advocates nationwide on their behalf.

An estimated 2,500 homeless people live in Winnipeg, the coldest capital city in Canada.There are fewer than 200 emergency-shelter beds available for Winnipeg's homeless population. Nearly 90% of the city's homeless must seek shelter in the most inhospitable environments (in doorways and alleys, near garbage containers, in the dead cold of winter, etc.). Many even "live" within inches of Siloam Mission's facilities.

Siloam Mission provides free emergency relief and transitional assistance to 500-700 of Winnipeg's most needy every day, offering programs and services in such a manner that conveys the dignity and value of those experiencing poverty and homelessness. Siloam has been active in the heart of Winnipeg since August 1987, providing meals, clothing, and counseling and referral services to the city's less fortunate, and has grown to include a drop-in centre, an arts program, emergency shelter, a health centre that includes dentistry and optometry, life-skills, employment training and supportive housing.

To achieve all of this, Siloam Mission relies on more than 4,500 volunteers every year who giver of their time and skills to help build community. As Siloam continues to expand, many of the volunteer opportunities include administrative work on a computer. That's why there is a now a need for dedicated computer stations for volunteers to use as they help with donor relations and care, database maintenance and data entry.

 At a recent Open House, Rotary eClub One member John Powell dropped by with a $500 donation toward one of the volunteer computer stations - a generous gift that came at just the right time!

"I had no idea the extent of the operations here. The scope of the organization simply impressed me," said Powell, who has supported a lunch program for aboriginal children and a Salvation Army Youth Program in the past through the Rotary club.

"When I was there, staff and volunteers were busy scrubbing down everything in the dining area and kitchen. Everything is so clean and tidy."

For more information on Siloam Mission and its services, visit



Teachey, North Carolina:

Rotary eClub One Leadership Scholarship


            The Rotary eClub One Leadership Scholarship has been awarded for four years running to a graduate of Wallace-Rose Hill High School in Teachey, North Carolina. Special consideration is given to students who participated in the local district's (District 7730) Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program.

          This year's recipient thanked Rotary eClub One: "I cannot thank you enough for awarding me this fantastic scholarship. The only repayment that I can think of is succeeding in my career goal and graduating in college, to make all of ya'll proud that you chose me."  He also stated, "The scariest thing about college in my opinion is the amount of debt that one has to take in order to attend college, so it's a great comfort to know that there are people and organizations out there looking out for the young, college-bound student."


Denver, Colorado:

Kids Mobility Network

Kids Mobility Network, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is changing the lives of children with disabilities by providing durable medical equipment (DME) such as walkers and wheelchairs to children whose families are underinsured or uninsured. The organization believes all children should have the opportunity to optimize their abilities to safely access and interact in their communities. Through hard work, effective use of adaptive technology, and comprehensive service, Kids Mobility Network is changing the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

Kids Mobility Network was founded by Peter and Christy Kopp.  As the parents of Kayla, a child with disabilities, the Kopp family realizes first-hand the benefit of durable medical equipment ("DME") to children and their families.

After Kayla out grew her first wheelchair, the Kopp family tried to find an organization that would find a new home for Kayla's wheelchair with a child that could benefit from using this excellent wheelchair.  It was soon discovered that such an organization did not exist in Colorado, so the Kopps developed Kids Mobility Network.

The mission is to provide children with durable medical equipment to provide better access to their communities.  Kids Mobility Network is enabling greater safety, mobility and independence for children with disabilities.

In March Kids Mobility Network announced that the Organization has provided over $2 million of community benefit to children with disabilities and their families. "Kids Mobility Network continues to provide durable medical equipment to underserved families across Colorado and beyond. We are very proud to have helped nearly 500 families now. While the $2 Million dollar mark is impressive, it's really just the tip of the iceberg. These kids need our help and we're pleased to provide it," stated Christy Kopp, Executive Director of Kids Mobility Network.

Equipment provided by Kids Mobility Network includes manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, gait trainers, standers, adaptive bikes and a host of other pieces of equipment that help children to better access their communities and better interact with their peers during their important development years. "The purpose of durable medical equipment is so far beyond mobility. It's about allowing our clients to be doers, not observers. This peer interaction provides enhanced development of interpersonal skills and self confidence something that is critical to every child's development," added Christy Kopp.

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