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Rotary eClub One Continues Support of International Conservation Exchange Program

Rotary eClub One supports service projects such as this multi-year exchange program between Australia and California conservation groups. Donations received as part of the makeup process help us support this and other worthy service and disaster relief projects.

Exchange Program between Conservation Volunteers Austrailia

and the California Conservation Corps


During the first year, 2009-10, a Conservation Volunteers Australia team (11 participants) went to California; in turn, the California Conservation Corps sent 10 participants to Australia. In Australia, the groups worked in several locations including King Lake National Park and the South Australian coast. In California, groups visited Yosemite National Park and worked on trails in Big Sur and Sequoia parks.

Beach Cleanup in California

Invasive Species Cleanup in Austrailia

At the end of the 2009 exchanges, the two groups surveyed their teams. Responses were positive:

Comments from members of Conservation Volunteer Australia

  • "It's a great chance to see the world and learn new skills" Brett
  • "The spike trip to Big Sur was awesome. Got to work hard and learn lots of new things" Roxy
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed travelling overseas and would recommend it to anyone" Jordan
  • "You meet awesome people and see a lot of California. Loved every minute" Zoe
  • "A great way to meet new people and see new sights" Pieter

Comments from the California Conservation Corp

  • "CVA is a life changing experience." Ben
  • "I had one of the best experiences in my life in Australia. I gained a lot of important knowledge onconservation and making our planet a cleaner place to live in." Renae
  • "Having such an amazing experience overall, I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. Everything was great. Thank you all very much." Alec
  • "Just working with the people, it was awesome" Mick
  • "It was an awesome experience being able to see the wildlife." Gabriella



This exchange program continues. In September and October of 2011, a team of 10 enthusiastic California Conservation Corps members worked alongside the Australian community with flood recovery and clean-up efforts in Queensland. Not only did they gain experience and friendships, they also have a new appreciation of conservation in another country.



The timing of the visit to California was moved this year to January and February 2012 so that Australian students could take part in the program during their summer holidays. Says new Conservation Volunteers Australia program manager Prue Simmons, "The California Conservation Exchange Program is a fantastic way for young people to learn new skills in outdoor conservation, work in a dynamic team, meet lots of new friends from across the world and gain a strong sense of independence and confidence from taking part in the experience."

"The exchange is a fabulous way," continues Simmons, "to enable environmental students a practical kick-start to their career in conservation and we often find the participants return with a strong sense of motivation and direction in their chosen career pathway or studies."

Rotary eClub One is proud to support this International program dedicated to Preserving Planet Earth. 

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