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Rotary eClub One Members' Projects

Rotary eClub One Members describe projects in Bangladesh, Colombia, Mexico, and Oklahoma, USA.





Walk for Life Treats Its 10,000th Foot!



by Colin McFarlane

Rotary eClub One Member and

Founder of Walk for Life

The Bangladesh Sustainable Clubfoot Program




Siam was born in a remote village near Khulna, Bangladesh. He has bilateral clubfeet. His parents are poor farmers. Siam has now started Ponseti treatment to correct his feet: there will be no invasive surgery.

Siam is our 6,800th child and 10,000th foot, to receive free treatment from our program in Bangladesh. (Some children have both feet affected: some just one.) It is estimated up to 5,000 children a year are born with clubfeet in Bangladesh.

Walk for Life opened its first clinic just over 3 years ago. We are very proud that we are now correcting close to 60% of all children born with clubfeet in their first year of life.


Computers Are Delivered

to Bucaramanga, Columbia


by Scott Simon

Member of Rotary eClub One

(Project is in cooperation with Henry H Harrison, also a member of Rotary eClub One)


Please scroll down and see the delivered computers and the warm reception by the students, the teacher, principal, local Rotarians, School District leadership, and local hostel owners who are providing ongoing volunteers.


This project has moved along successfully. The students and the program received us with tremendous appreciation. They provided our club with certificates of gratitude and they wrote nice letters to the Harrison family for honoring Mary Miller with the very generous donations.


The students have agreed that they will be held accountable if they want to stay in the program and use the new machines. As you will observe in the photos, the program has mostly female students. This theme of promoting education for women in developing countries has been stressed greatly by the United Nations and Rotary International. It was also one of the wishes of the Harrison family.


There is tremendous support from the community. The owners of a local hostel, Kasa Guane, agreed to direct English speaking visitors to the school on a daily basis to volunteer their time for conversational English lessons with the students in Programa Puente. This will be very helpful in furthering their education.


The principal and the English teacher of El Colegio Cooperativo, Bucaramanga will be in contact with Colegio El Cardon, El Cocuy to further the cross cultural education and expand the Programa Puente's English Classes.



Rotary eClub One Helps Fund Clean Water Filters in Mexican Village

by John Powell

Rotary eClub One Member


Below are photos from Club Rotario Puerto Vallarta Sur. Malcolm "Mac" Laird, BA, MA, and other members of the Puerta Vallarta club journeyed to the Los Llanitos region in January, 2013, to distribute water filter systems to the residents. His group was able to give out 45 filters and instruct families on their use.



Community Grant:

Weatherford Oklahoma Recycling Bins


by Tracy Adams

Rotary eClub One Member


Rotary eClub One provided a $500.00 grant to provide 4 recycling bins in one of our local parks, Rader Park. Our city has made strides since 2010 to bring awareness to the community about the importance of recycling. The following is a link describing the goals of a recycling committee established by the city.


The Weatherford Environment Action Group was formed in 2010 for the purpose of coordinating the community's effort to improve the environment and to be a resource for the City Council regarding environmental issues and practices in the community. Additional goals for the group are to increase the types and quantities of materials recycled; to expand programs to keep our city clean and green; and, to provide educational opportunities so to keep citizens informed and engaged in environmental issues.


Their efforts are a result of the Yes! Weatherford campaign that was adopted by the citizens and extends a one cent sales tax. A portion of the revenue generated by the sales tax initiative is made available to this group for the purpose of improving the environment in Weatherford. The group consists of a Recycling Committee, a Green, Clean and Beautiful Committee and an Education Committee.


To date, the group has purchased a plastic baler so that plastics 1 and 2 can be added to the recycling stream, coordinated community clean-up days and presented programs to community organizations.

Below are pictures showing the presentation of the check and the recycling bins that were purchased.


My husband and I will be working with the committee and our community to promote safe recycling. We will also participate in future recycling and clean up campaigns in our city.



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