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Rotary eClub One September Newsletter

Rotary eClub One shares its August Newsletter with Rotarians everywhere. The newsletter is edited by Richard Pearce, a member residing in Australia.

As I write this month's President's Message, I am just coming off a week of vacation visiting my daughter . who lives in a small town where the Niagara River flows from Lake Ontario down to Niagara Falls. On the New York side of the river is Fort Niagara, which was built to defend the U.S. during the War of 1812. As we ate our lunch on a picnic table in the state park, we could look over to Canada and all was peaceful at this site . where 199 years before there had been a battle.

Then after enjoying our visit to this historic site, we walked a short distance from Fort Niagara, into the village center of Youngstown NY. There in the center was a beautiful little park with flower gardens surrounding a circular gazebo. Much to my surprise I saw a plague on the wall which said this little park was donated by the local Rotary Club. Seeing this park made me feel proud to be a Rotarian . because Rotarians serve others in their local communities, like Youngstown NY.

Rotary, as an organization, enables us to do a much greater work than we could ever hope to do on our own. Part of this greater organization, for Rotary eClub One, is our membership within District # 5450 of Rotary International . and so I encourage you to make every effort to join us for our District Governor's address (via Conference Call) on Saturday September 24th. Our Club Secretary will be sending out instructions for joining this call soon. Save the Date!

Together in the Mission!

Tom Green
President 2011-2012

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