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Rotary’s Fishing Fellowship

Program chair note: Recently a Rotarian left a comment regarding the selection of programs: “I’d like a story about fishing.” Certain that I would find at least one Rotary fellowship formed to promote fishing, I gathered this information. I also decided to include articles about Rotary Fellowships more frequently. Please search the Makeup Article archives (Rotary Life Category) for past Fellowship articles including
      • Rotary Fellowships, Parts I, II, and III
      • Rotary on Stamps
      • Golf Fellowship
      • Surfing Fellowship

Rotary's Fishing Fellowship proclaims that it is the largest fellowship in Rotary. It promotes friendship among Rotarians who enjoy recreational fishing. Further, it encourages social activities among its members and supports interaction between Rotarians and the youth of their respective communities so that young men and women may learn more about Rotary, sport fishing, and the value of protecting and conserving the fisheries of the world.

The International Fellowship of Fishing Rotarians is open to any of the 1.2 million Rotarians residing in over 161 different countries where Rotary International has a presence. Their membership includes Rotarians who fish inshore, offshore, fresh water, saltwater, fly fishing, bass fishing and, in some cases, simply armchair fishing.

More information can be found on the group’s Facebook page:

Clubs Sponsor Fishing Events

Individual clubs throughout the world sponsor fishing events. Here are just a few:

Rotary Club of San Jose (California): The Fish Committee conducts a day of fishing for inner city third graders plus social events for Rotarians involving the sport of fishing.

Meredith Rotary Club (New Hampshire) sponsors an ice fishing contest each winter.

Arlington Heights Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Lake in the Hills (Illinois)

Rotarians traveled to a school in Uganda. Their goal? To provide a sustainable source of protein for its students. They built a series of aquaponics tanks, which are a closed system created to harvest fish, in this case, tilapia, to eat and sell.

Students and Rotarians gathered at the end of the project.

Point Loma Rotary Club (California) sponsors a fishing day for Veterans.

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