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Rotary's Stairway to Club Leadership

by Jim Friar


                 YR-9  -  CLUB PRESIDENT

                                                                                                                YR-8  -  CLUB PRESIDENT ELECT

                                                                                                YR-7  -  CLUB VICE PRESIDENT

                                                                                YR-6  -  CLUB OFFICER


                                                YR-4  -  BOARD OF DIRECTORS I

                                YR-3  -  MAJOR COMMITTEE MEMBER

                YR-2  -  MINOR COMMITTEE CHAIR



QUESTION:       What is the first step to leadership after a new member joins one of our clubs?

ANSWER:           He or she is placed on a committee in order to provide service & leadership.

 QUESTION:       Rotary is well known for leadership development.  How does it work?

ANSWER:           A great deal of leadership development takes place at the committee level.

 QUESTION:       Aren't Rotarians already leaders in their community?  Why do they need more?

ANSWER:           Right!  Most are leaders in their businesses and professions.  However, a major part of Rotary's goal is to train them in the organization, management, and procedures of a Rotary Club as a major community service organization.

 QUESTION:       Is it realistic that a new member could be a Club President in 9 years?

ANSWER:           Very much so!   In some smaller Clubs less than 9 years.  However, since Rotary is a volunteer organization and the time available for Rotary is limited it does take a number of years to learn the "Rotary Way".  There's no better shared training ground than being a leader in a Rotary Club.  The timetable can be less than 9 years depending upon the club & the member.

 TAKE AWAY:    Every Rotarian joins a Club for fulfillment of a personal goal friendship, community leadership, and service.  However, each member needs to be involved in sharing Rotary Leadership.  This is best accomplished using Rotary's committee, board, and officer system as a format for actual leadership experiences.  Start your new members off right on a committee.

This is the first step in the Rotary Stairway to Leadership.  



  • Jim Friar is a member of the Summerville Oakbrook Rotary Club at Summerville, SC (District 7770, USA). He can be reached at
  • The opinions expressed in this Make-up article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Rotary eClub One and its editorial team

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