Rotary eClub One, District 5450
World's 1st eClub (Jan 2002)

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Sponsoring a New e-Club

On June 23, 2015 the Rotary eClub One President Elect Emmanuel Serrière attended the Charter ceremony of the Rotary South e-Club of District 2100.  This new e-club is sponsored by Rotary eClub One and Emmanuel flew from his home in South of France to Naples.


President Giovanni checks the evening's list

About forty people attended the event held on a lavish reception room of a tennis club in Naples.  The man behind the idea is Giovanni Scognamiglio who had never heard of e-clubs until 5 months before.  Giovanni was a Charter president of Rotaract in 1994 and then joined Rotary in Naples in 1996.  The idea came because a member of his club who left because of inability to pay joined Milan e-club, so Giovanni did a little research and loved the idea.


District 2100 Governor Giancarlo Spezie was not sure the project could be done before the end of his Rotary year in 4 short months.  Nonetheless he was a good supporter and drove the project forward even if he was also worried the new e-club would steal members from existing clubs.  When Giovanni contacted Emmanuel, he was very surprised at the rapidity and efficiency he received the responses to his concerns and questions. 


District 2100 Governor Giancarlo, President Giovanni and President Elect Emmanuel

This is not the case of an existing club becoming an e-Club or a hybrid Club.  This is brand new club started with 30 members composed of 23 new Rotarians, only seven Rotarians, mostly abroad.  Nineteen of the members were present at Charter night conducted by President Giovanni aided of the District 2100 Governor Giancarlo. 


Most of the members of the new club are new Rotarians

The ceremony was to present the new Charter to the club and induct new Rotarians.  One Paul Harris Fellow recognition was handed out and a very involved senior Rotarian was made Honorary Member.


The sponsor, Rotary eClub One donated a bell and gavel needed for their monthly meetings

Rotary eClub One President Elect Emmanuel presented the club with a new bell and gavel and welcomed the new e-Club.  They will still meet in various’ member’s locations once a month.  Most are from Naples plus one from South Korea, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, New York (was present) and Finland.


They plan to help youth to train for jobs – paid by employer or rotary, will have fundraisers with local pianist, Rotary jewelry and expect matching grants with Italian foundation, Italian District, eclub One, etc.  Emmanuel received a plaque of recognition, a District tie and 3 bottles of fine Vesuvius white wine – which he donated right back as he didn’t want to have to check any luggage on his return flight.


Governor Giancarlo, President Elect Emmanuel and President Giovanni exchange plaques and banners

Emmanuel adds: "Waiting for my next plane between Rome and Nice, I have some time so I sit at a counter of a restaurant.  A man with a Rotary pin sits next to me. I give him my card; he is the outgoing District Governor of Rome/ Sardaigne on his way to a youth meeting, Carlo Noto La Diega.  Small world, we exchange a few ideas.  He calls on his phone Governor Giancarlo – whom I met a couple of days before at the Charter night - to tell him that he is sitting next to me.  Carlo insisted to pay for my salad and glass of wine.  I LOVE Rotary".

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