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Stove Team International Helping families; helping the environment

Smoke from indoor cooking fires is a leading cause of death of children under age five, and the world's largest environmental killer. It kills eight times as many people as malaria. Stove Team International’s program benefits the families and children impacted by smoke from indoor cooking fires.

StoveTeam is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that assists with the production of safe, durable, efficient wood-burning Ecocina cookstoves to replace open fire cooking. They work with nonprofit organizations and Rotary Clubs and help them place an order for stoves with a local entrepreneur in Latin America to provide the necessary training and support to produce them. Ecocina factories have produced more than 71,000 stoves, improving the lives of more than half-a-million people.

StoveTeam's model has been awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Award for Developing Local Markets for our innovative approach creating local employment while improving health and reducing air pollution.

Daily cooking over open fires is the equivalent to mothers and children smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

Fuel Efficient Stoves from Stove Team International

The Ecocina Design

1. Pot

The Ecocina supports pots of almost any size.

2. Pot Skirt

Adjustable metal skirt fits a variety of pots and pans and forces hot air around the pot for maximum cooking efficiency.

3. Removable “Plancha”

The plancha is used for cooking meat, tortillas or pupusas (filled tortillas).

4. Pot Supports

The pot supports elevate the cooking surface above the stove top and allow cooking with almost any size pot or griddle (“plancha”).

5. Insulated Ferro-cement Body

Internal chimney of low-fired tile surrounded by insulating pumice keeps the stove exterior cool to the touch.

6. Wood Support (Portaleña)

The portaleña raises the wood off the bottom of the combustion area to allow sufficient air to enter, increasing burner efficiency.

“Rocket Elbow” Design

With an air-intake opening the same size as the exit, oxygen entering through the bottom moves efficiently through the internal chimney, driving heat directly to the cooking pot while burning the gasses and particulate matter.
Ecocina stoves:
  • Reduce burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 68% and particulate matter by 86%
  • Reduce wood use by over 50%
  • Are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and low-fired tile
  • Are low cost with an average sale price of $55.00-$70.00
  • Are built and distributed in Central America
  • Provide local jobs in sustainable factories
  • Are widely accepted and are adapted to local cooking methods
  • Are portable and quick-cooking, requiring no installation or chimney

Ecocina, Step by Step

Safe Cooking Stoves Impact Families and the Environment

Collecting 50 pounds of wood per day results in deforestation and the loss of employment opportunities.

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